Battle Report

Over the Top!

I played against Engineers this week. In true form, it was a total pasting. What do they like? Low defense! That’s what the masons have in spades. I imagine my guys felt a little like this.

Although the battle was done in person with genuine, real metal models, I have used Vassal to model the match as I remember. In future I will use a camera to take pictures to aid my memory of the game, though I will probably still use Vassal to model the match as it is much easier to read.

Apologies to my opponent if I have missed any bots of his amazing strategy out, this was written a few days later, and I didn’t take any notes at the time.

I was using:

  • Honor
  • Marbles
  • Flint
  • Mallet
  • Decimate
  • Snakeskin

The aim here was to use Snakeskin’s naturally high defense and clone to survive the hail of crossbow bolts and blasted earth attacks on the way in. Decimate was there as I thought her giving out second wind to knocked down models would help (at least partially) alleviate the movement penalties to being knocked down, in that you can get up, and then still make a jog.

My opponent was using:

  • Ballista
  • Mainspring
  • Ratchet
  • Rage
  • Hoist (shown as Velocity on the pictures)
  • Rage

Deployment is shown below. I kicked with Mallet, and after a kick re roll the ball ended up about two inches from Hoist.


I used a combination of second wind and superior strategy to get a charge off with Mallet into Ballista first turn, as he was closest (not pictured). As shown, Flint ran up the side to flank, Snakeskin on the other side. Marbles, scared of rampant mascot hunting, ran off to hide in the corner


Ballista managed to clear off Mallet and knock him down. In the centre, Ratchet fired off a couple of tooled up Blasted Earths to damaged Honor and Decimate. Fearful of my opponent getting first turn, which was likely given the momentum he was accruing, Honor and Decimate stayed out of any potential first activation charging Rage would throw off next turn.

Second turn came around, and noting that Decimate was in charge range of Rage, and wanting the momentum, I excitedly charged the fencer into Rage. I forgot something pretty important. Silly, as I also own Alchemists. I forgot that Compound has counter charge. One charge later and Decimate was knocked over, influence wasted.


On the other flank, a combination of Blasted Earths from Ratchet and character plays from Ballista, along with his legendary play, finished off Mallet. I was able to play Man Down And Miraculous Recovery, but they didn’t do much. I moved snakeskin up to fight Rage, as I knew what damage he could do. I forgot something else.

Compound can counter charge more than once per turn.

Once counter charge later and I had two knocked down players from counter charges, and a whole lot of influence down the pan. I could have turned Clone on before I charged in, but I (mistakenly) thought I was safe at this point. Snakeskin was pushed around and knocked down. The pushes she suffered combined with Minefield also to put her on very low health.


Honor moved up to support the mess in the middle. Flint was able to get the ball, and score a goal. Man I love Flint.


The ball was kicked to near Hoist. Another turn rolled around, looking a bit like this..


I have found with Mallet, even though I love the old man to bits, when he comes back on the field after a take out he is very slow to get back into the fray. This was true here too, running as fast as his little legs would carry him.

The game now degenerated into a fist fight. Rage took Honor down to low health, she in return knocked him down and did damage to him. Throughout the next couple of turns I was able to get him down to fairly low health, but due to my opponent’s momentum dominance he was able to heal him enough to make it a non issue.

Flint got knocked down and pushed around, he used Where did they go? To get up and dodge away. Decimate charged Hoist, managed to tackle the robot and dodge clear. Snakeskin was beaten unconscious. More Flurries and Deadbolts from Ballista kept Honor, well, honest, and a couple of Blasted Earths forced me to pump what momentum I had into the remaining members of my team to keep them alive.

The next turn saw Decimate taken out, with Mallet able to get the ball. Unfortunately, even with superior strategy shenanigans, due to a first activation Blasted Earth, he was unable to threaten a goal, and my opponent cleaned up on takeouts, removing Flint and Mallet.


It was a hard match, and as I am writing this a couple of days later, I may have missed some final details.

Score: 12 -4 (Masons loss)

So, time for a breakdown…

The Good

  • Decimate is nice and fast, and I like second wind a lot. Her damage output, whilst not crazy, is reliable and good for momentum. I also like how she can tackle fairly well, kick fairly well and hit well too.

The Bad

  • Hmmm, Snakeskin, what should we do with you? In this match I should have just ran you directly into the jaws of the enemy, to take a hit on clone, and tie players up. It would have been better than all of that flanking shenanigans.

The Ugly

Forgetting counter charge once? Understandable. Forgetting it twice, in activations 5 minutes apart? Just plain silly. Don’t do that again. It put me on tilt a bit, and wasted more influence than you can shake a hammer at.

If you have got this far, I thank you. Please let me know what you think.




6 thoughts on “Over the Top!

  1. I have used Decimate with my Butchers for the Second wind which is great, however with the reduction in melee range after the errata. I am finding it harder to fit Decimate in and even harder in the 8 players in a tournament, (s)he will be getting another chance with Alchemists see if that helps.


    1. I never used her with 2 inch melee, I can imagine her being total filth with that. I like her, but with the rest of the team she seems very influence hungry, and I don’t think I can fuel her.


      1. Oh you missed the good old days 😉 her second wind is needed only early game. I think both Flint and Mallet will gain the most out of it as they are obvious choices for superior strategy. Don’t worry about mascots dying as usually when it happens it is near end game anyway (I use to do the hide the mascot not any more).

        Also I have seen first turn legendary play a lot with masons just to ensure whichever bomb you are using happens 🙂


      2. Yeah I often seem to use the legendary first turn, but always have the faint feeling I am wasting it.

        Superior strategy is an odd one. It is hella powerful, but then Honour won’t then be doing much in her turn apart from directing traffic.


      3. Perhaps use her as ‘support’ turns 1 and 2 activating late turn 2 so you can pick best choice of super strat or hammer time. Then after that I do think she is better not using it again.
        Do wonder if it’s worth doing it to herself. Obulus has some interesting uses PMing himself and that is just an extra jog really. On Honour could be fun?


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