Who the devil are you?

Hello, everyone in internet land. This is my attempt at a blog, and a record of my poor attempts to succeed in the game of Guild Ball. I have never written a blog designed to be read by others before, and I rarely win games of Guild Ball.

What is Guild Ball? Well, shucks, you really ought to know what it is first. Have a look here, and maybe here and then maybe, finally, here. That should answer virtually all your questions. Every single one.

My attempts of writing here are  a way of improving my game, and hopefully learn from my mistakes. You never know, it might happen.

I am going to be trying to use Masons a lot. I have always been a fan of Humans in Blood Bowl, being flexible enough to do cool stuff without being severely handicapped in one dimension. I also (assume) that their flexibility will bring with them a fairly high skill cap, one which I hope to become more, er, skilled in. That sounded better in my head.

I will be posting match reports here, as well as anything I can think of. It might be useful. If not, comment and give me a good old telling off.


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