Battle Report

The sound of Silence

Yesterday I played against Morticians. To maintain an artificial feeling of suspense, I won’t tell you if I won or lost until the end of the report. Like last time, it was played with genuine models you could probably scratch a window with, but re-created in Vassal just for you.

I am still experimenting with the formatting of these reports, so if you have any feedback on them at all, please give it. Just be kind.

I was using Masons again. This time I used the following:

  • Honour
  • Marbles
  • Mallet
  • Flint
  • Tower
  • Minx

This team had two people in it who I have never used before. Tower seems for many to get sidelined, but I wanted to give him a go, and Shutout seems amazing on paper. As for Minx….I have never seen her played or used at all. My reasoning behind her was that the rest of the team will probably be gobbling up all the influence and a free charge from her could go a long way.

Guild plot wise, I drew Man Down, Vengeance and Miraculous Recovery, expecting some degree of violence.

My opponent was using Morticians. He used…

  • Obulus
  • Dirge
  • Cosset
  • Graves
  • Silence
  • Bonesaw

For Guild Plots, he drew Knee Slider!, Don’t Touch the Hair!, and Protect Your Balls.

I won the roll off and elected to receive.

1 - Deployment

Turn 1

The ball was expertly kicked, ending just over a wall.

I allocated a bunch of influence to Honour, a point to Tower, a couple to Flint, one to Marbles and a load to Mallet. Minx got none. Poor Minx.

In true Morticans style, Obulus got a huge pile.

Being very fearful of Puppet Master filth, Tower went to collect the ball but elected to kick it near to Flint rather than pass it directly. It was well kicked and ended very near to the boy toy, who chose to not have the ball snap to. Obulus went next and puppet mastered Bonesaw, who jogged forward.

I suspected Silence would be able to mess with my turn pretty quickly, so I decided to prioritise my actions and Honour used Superior Strategy on Mallet, and then sprinted up the field. I was right to be paranoid and Silence hurtled up the field, and then promptly missed a Tucked, and then a Shutout on Mallet. He then threw an Embalming Fluid at Honor, who he missed as well.

My activation orders being, surprisingly, up to me now, allowed Marbles to Tool Up Mallet. Graves ran up the side, as did Minx.

Mallet, feeling enthusiastic, charged Silence. He hit for him a bit, Silence using Don’t Touch The Hair! To get out of there, though he was knocked down from the attack. Feeling safe, he then ran Cosset up.

Not realising the power of Superior Strategy, Mallet then charged Cosset. After the dust settled the crazy lady was left on 3 health. Bonesaw ran up to threaten the ball near Flint. As I was currently on 2 momentum from Mallet’s rampage, and the fact that I really wanted to go first next turn, he jogged up and passed the ball to Honour.

I won the roll of (barely, I would have lost it if I only had 2 momentum) to go first the next turn.

2 - End of turn 1

Turn 2

I allocated as much as I could to Mallet. Flint, being quite far back, only got a couple. Tower got a couple as well, and I gave Honour a nice big stack. Minx got nothing except disapproving stares from the rest of my team.

Obulus got a ton, Silence and Bonesaw got a few each, Graves got a couple as did Cosset.

Wanting to make sure he could get some fighting done before any control powers kicked in, Mallet went first. A few hammer swings later and Cosset dropped, and Silence had taken some damage, as well as a Singled Out. Silence went straight away, and threw a Shutout at Honour, making it much harder for her to keep the ball and do anything useful with it.  He also threw Tucked at Flint, making him have to go next.

Honour was just millimeters within the threat range of Bonesaw, which was far from ideal. Desperate measures called for desperate times, and after some playbook analysis, I decided to charge Flint into the Morticians striker. He only needed two hits to trigger a momentous push/dodge to push Bonesaw out of threat range, on 8 dice. He fluffed his roll and only caused one damage.

3 - Mid turn 2

Graves charged forward, hitting Tower with a Rabid Animal, that would severely hamper his movement. Tower responded my moving around Graves, hitting him once to gain some momentum, and then using it to throw a Bonus Timed Shutout at Obulus, which promptly missed.

Obulus was called up next, and after much proxy basing and knashing of teeth, used Puppet Master to force Honor to kick the ball upfield, where it landed near the melee in the middle.

3 - Mid turn 2a

Obulus then smashed Mallet to gain a dodge, picking up the ball, passing it to Bonesaw. Minx ran up the field, as I was expecting an imminent goal and I wanted to have more coverage to receive the goal kick.

3 - Mid turn 2b.png

Bonesaw went next, and missed a goal kick. Marbles, feeling plucky, hopped over, collected the ball, hopped towards Honour as fast as his simian muscles could carry him. He then released the ball, in case my opponent won first player and he was forced to do annoying puppet master passing shenanigans. Dirge flew down field and sat on the fence.

3 - Mid turn 2c.png

Last to go was Honour. Bitter at the loss of a goal chance, she charged into a Singled Out Silence, and took him out, gaining valuable momentum that was used to guarantee first player and remove poison from Tower.

Turn 3

Obulus was starting to be a real problem, so I decided to get him. Stopping him in his tracks was going to be hard, but if I managed to push him back enough I thought he may be  unable to mess with a potential Honour goal. Due to this, I fully loaded Mallet again, gave Marbles a couple, and spread a couple on Tower and Flint. Normally I would be giving Flint a lot more, but I felt he was too out of position to do much this turn.

Mallet want first, charging Obulus to ensure he couldn’t get away with Unpredictable Movement. Only needing a minor hit to get a free 2 inch push and to start the plan, Mallet’s charge attack promptly didn’t score a single hit. After a few more swings he was able to Single Out the captain and do a few wounds.

Graves went next, charging mallet and hitting him with a Rabid Animal. Rubbing my hands at this, as it meant I would have a chance of a Shutout from Tower onto Obulus which would really damage his turn. A strike from Tower to get some momentum and that is what happened, meaning the Morticians captain was forced to go last in the turn.

4 - Mid turn 3a.png

Cosset used Lure to pull Flint away from the middle. Feeling excited, Minx charged into Obulus to try and trigger Screaming Banshee, with the help from Singled Out and a couple of assists, and she promptly did nothing of the sort. Dirge moved near Marbles to try and block a pass to Honour, but the monkey was able to move up and and pass like a champ.

Silence slinked around backfield to make sure I didn’t knock him out again, and Honour ran forward and scored a goal.

A good scatter allowed Bonesaw to move forward and score a goal immidately after. Things were starting to speed up, with two take outs and a goal on my side it was currently 8-4 in my favour.

The goal scatter brought it near Flint, who on only 1 influence for the turn was only able to jog and then Where Did They Go? Up the pitch, before releasing the ball as I was still eternally worried about Puppet Master.

4 - Mid turn 3b.png

Finally, the Phenom himself, Obulus. Despite being marked by half my team. After a shadow like, a puppet master on himself and a cheeky move around Flint he was able to gain ball possession, and attempt a pass to Cosset, which missed but ended up close by. A Legendary Play wiped my momentum as well as my hopes of going first next turn.

4 - Mid turn 3c.png

Turn 4

At this point I was fairly sure I had the game in the bag, as a goal kick would hopefully bring the ball within reach of my centre players, who could score the final goal.

To try and prevent this a little, Graves ran up and hit Mallet with a Rabid animal. Marbles moved up to engage Graves. Obulus moved up and passed the ball to Cosset. Desperate for more VP, and violence I charged Honour into Graves, taking him out with the help of Marbles, making the score 10-4. She used her Legendary Play, and used Quick Time to move the (now very slow) Mallet closer to where the ball might end up.

5 - Mid turn 4a.png

Cosset, tiring of this silliness moved forward and scored a goal like a champ. The goal kick brought the ball to within an inch of Mallet, who elected to snap-to, and pass to Tower. Feeling the end of he game imminent, Bonesaw tried a last ditch charge towards the centre, but Honour used Responsive Play to smack him away, ending his charge.

Tower ran up, unmarked , and scored the goal to win!


14-8 (Masons victory)

The good

  • Tower! He didn’t do much at first, but Shutout has some amazing potential. Given the inaccuracy of any one dice play, I think of it as (now) having a 2 influence cost, as he really needs to generate a point of momentum to help it hit. That said, it seems so potentially ball breaking I think it is worth it. In many other ways he is Joe average, but a 2 inch push on one hit is nice, and I can’t imagine ever having enough influence to give him more than 2 anyway.

The bad

  • Minx. Maybe. I’m not sure. A free charge is nice, as is Screaming Banshee, but it takes 4 hits to pull off. This seems harder than it looks with Minx. I am going to give her another go, but I might go for another player who is cheap to run instead. Hell, Brick barely needs any influence to run either.

The ugly

  • Flint. Normally the golden haired child of the Masons. Uber striker, goal scorer and frankly a beautiful individual. In this game it seemed that Honour and Mallet did most of the heavy lifting, and I just couldn’t feed you the influence you needed. Sorry!
  • Flint again. I was constantly worried about Puppet Master, and so did a lot of ball releasing (fnarr fnarr). Should he have done it when near Obulus? I am not sure. As Obulus had to use puppet master to get within range of Flint in the first place, he might have been better off holding on to the ball, at the worst a Puppet Master would have forced him to kick the ball towards Cosset, which is what happened anyway. I am unsure if it would have made much difference either way.

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