Battle Report

Tapping Out

My first game, ever, against everyone’s favourite Caledonian alcoholics, the Brewers Guild. My opponent had not played them before either. I might as well apologise right now then for the dazzling array of tactical mistakes in this game. You want tactical excellence? Go to ozball. Here at the Singled Out offices our fearless writers throw themselves at the mercy of the Internet, making mistakes so you don’t have to.

Today I took the following team…

Why did you take this team?

  • I am still trying to make Tower work. I am (maybe incorrectly) convinced by the potential glory of Shutout, and I feel it could be useful against Tapper and his ability to throw up Commanding Aura, which seems like a big deal to the Brewers.
  • Mallet is still my favourite Masons player. He is a little slow if out of position, and he seems to lose a lot of steam if he does not get the charge, but he is reliable and has 2″ reach, which is probably one of the best abilities to have in the game.
  • I am trying to make it up to Flint, the Heart Break Kid himself, for eschewing him for Mist last game. Against Brewers his lower defence is not as big a deal, and his high kick value with Super Shot can really help. And make you cry big (manly) tears when he misses that all important four dice kick to goal again.
  • I have not taken Brick for a while, and I want to see how he functions by trying him out for next few games. He seems quite cheap to run, and his counter charge has obvious very strong utility at controlling how my opponent engages with my team.

My opponent selected the following players..

Being new to the Brewers, I selected the team for my opponent, with the knowledge that I was the more experienced player, having actually read their cards. Hooper seems a fairly obvious beat stick, though he really needs a knocked down model to really shine. Friday is a decent striker with some good offensive potential with Dirty Knives. Spigot can add to the pain train by using a Tooled Up on anyone nearby. Mash is a good second striker, and can lob the ball away from the enemy team, plus another 2″ reach model is nothing to be sniffed at.


I won the roll off and elected to receive. My opponent deployed fairly close together, with Mash ready to kick on the far right. Fearing the kick bouncing off the obstruction near Mash, and looking at the problematic rough ground in the centre that could break my team up into small easy to swallow chunks, I deployed the line close together. I believe this was a terrible error, but I will go into that more at the end.

Mash kicked the ball, and after a re-roll my worse fears were confirmed as the ball bounced off the obstacle making the ball very close to his side of the pitch, meaning any ball receiver would be precariously close to the Brewers.


Turn 1

With a potential threat extension from Honour, and Quick Time, Flint would be be able to get off a first turn goal. I wasn’t that concerned about any first turn attack from the Brewers, so I allocated a fair but of influence to Honour, four points to Flint, and enough to the rest of the team to get them into position.

Honour, Captain of the Masons and the First Lady of Guild Ball, sprinted to the ball, and made a four dice pass to Flint to get a point of momentum and allow an early goal. At least, that would have happened except she missed. The ball scattered, allowing Flint to snap the ball to him, but the lack of early momentum would make scoring more challenging.

Hooper ran up the left flank, achieving little. Not to be outdone, Brick ran up the centre, also doing nothing of immediate consequence, keeping his eyes open on the 6″ aura of Counter Charge shenanigans around himself.

My opponent obviously had A Plan, and that was violence, activating Spigot, using Tooled Up on Mash. I had a conundrum here. I still wanted to score with Flint, but the lack of momentum was an issue. Measuring it all out, Flint would have been able to get to Mash, charging him and getting a point of momentum to get a goal shot, but I remembered (just in time) about the fact that Mash had Unpredictable Movement, which would ruin my day pretty fast.

This meant Flint would have to wait until later on in the turn. Instead then I ran Tower over to the much-ignored left flank, giving me better positioning for a ball retrieval when Flint eventually scored. My opponent, aware of Brick’s ability to counter charge any future Mash shenanigans, ran Scum to engage Brick.


Still waiting for Brewers on the right to engage to give someone for Flint to bounce off of, I activated Marbles, who also jogged over to the right. Tapper moved up, using Marked Target in Honour to ensure Mash could get stuck in.

Flint, finally seeing an opening, charged Tapper, triggering a momentous Where Did They Go?, dodging forward and activating Super Shot, and taking a shot at goal. The shot was true, and the first VP went to the Masons! Flint used Knee Slider!  to move more centrally, keeping out of any potential Hooper related beatings next turn.

The ball was kicked wide and to the far left, making future ball retrieval difficult.

Mash was finally called to get stuck in, and he hurtled forward towards Honour. I used a Defensive Stance, then a Don’t Touch The Hair! to dodge back, although not before he was able to knock Honour down. Finally, Friday moved up the pitch, using Get Over Here! on Scum to pull the moggy into a more central position.


Score : 4-0 (Masons)


I had severely mis-deployed this turn, over reacting to the kick off. My right flank being wide open meant scoring again would be tricky, though not impossible. Mallet should have been more central, as his reach can partially overcome the issues to do with the rough terrain.

Honor should not have passed the ball to Flint first, though the ball was hard to reach, and pass to, anybody else. When she missed the pass Flint should not have snapped to either, as Tower could have easily caught the ball, and passed to Flint (or, better, Mallet), meaning I would have been up on momentum this turn.

I was unafraid of the damage Mash was going to do, what I didn’t account for was the momentum gained would allow him to get the initiative next turn. I also should have saved Don’t Touch The Hair! for a future charge. Which brings us to….

Turn 2

As mentioned, my opponent managed to get the initiative. This, to me, felt like Honour was basically done for. True to form, he loaded up Tapper with everything, including the kitchen sink. He also gave a good pile to Hooper, and spread the rest fairly evenly around. Ever the optimist, I gave Honour a couple of points, a good pile to Mallet, a couple to Tower, a point to marbles and only a couple to Flint, as he would be unable to score this turn.

The first turn was time for someone to get a good shoeing, and that someone was Honour. Tapper turned on his Commanding Aura, and went in. It took all of his influence, and a god dose of Old Jakes to finish her off, but finish her off he did.

I was concerned about the ball being picked up before Flint could get to it by Hooper who was the only person with influence in range of the ball. Marbles bravely ran up and used Goad on Hooper to ensure he couldn’t hassle Flint, or get the ball. I was aware this was probably a suicidal move, but I was short on Goals and full of monkeys.

Friday, hungry for VP and the sweet taste of primate brains, went up to Marbles, and struck him, causing a little damage. I was still concerned about Flint being messed with by a nearby Spigot, so Tower moved forward and threw a Shutout at Spigot, ensuring he would go last in the turn.

Mash moved forward, engaging Mallet to prevent him from charging into his captain, doing a knock down and little damage. Outraged at this move, Mallet got to his face, swinging at Mash several times and taking off a handful of his health.

It was time for a mascot fight, and Scum charged Marbles, getting six hits, which was enough to cause a wrap, four points of damage and two points of momentum. Ouch. No wonder people hate that damn cat.


Brick moved up, striking Tapper several times, pushing him away from the more squishy Tower. It was time for Hooper to earn his stripes, and he used True Grit before he charged into Marbles. A few blows, and it was all over for the pet.

I saw this coming earlier in the turn, but I had decided that this game would be won on mostly goals for me, not takeouts. For this to work, I really needed to win the roll off for next turn, and the two momentum for Marbles’ demise helped with that. Sorry brick, I will buy you a new pet.

Flint ran to the left, retrieving the ball, using the obstacle for cover for any future turn charges. Finally, Spigot ran forward, engaging Tower and Brick. He took a couple of  swipes at Tower to try and gain momentum for his team, but due to his thick armour and Brick crowding out, there was no momentum to be had.


Score: 4 – 4


I spent a lot of resources (Marbles, Flint and Tower) to get that ball. Hopefully it was worth it. Mallet was very slowly wearing Mash down – with the slow movement of Mallet, as well as the ability of Mash to knock down people fairly easily on a parting blow meant he would be there for a while.

Turn 3

I won initiative. A second goal would be easy, but I was very unsure how to close the game. Honour game on from the left flank, using Second Wind to get closer in. I gave her a good pile of influence, as much as I could to Flint and Mallet, and a little to Brick and Tower.

My opponent gave a a good amount to Hooper and Friday, a couple of points to Scum, and a few to Tapper.

Needing some momentum to ensure a goal, and needing to push Hooper away from Flint, Honour charged into the Brewers attacking midfielder. Several attacks later and she had pushed him several inches back from my striker and the ball, as well as using a point of momentum to help heal herself.

Tapper threw up a Commanding Aura and threw as many attacks as he could into Brick, taking him down to half health.  Now with momentum, Flint ran towards the goal, being positioned as centrally as he could. Feeling paranoid, I ensure the shot had some Bonus Time,  and took a shot at goal. It was true, and the Masons brought the score to 8-4!


The ball was kicked centrally down the pitch, resting about 4″ from Friday, who activated next. With a Shadow Like to get closer, and spending a point of momentum to Shoot Better After a Beer, she took a long 10″ shot at goal, which connected. It was now 8-8.

Looking at the pitch, it was clear that the ruck to the left was going to take a long time. I would be able to take out Mash soon, but Brick and Tower were not going to achieve much. I doubted Hooper would be able to do anything with the ball, and Friday having activated, I kicked the ball towards Flint, the ball veering severely far to the right.

I was concerned that even after healing herself Honour would go down to Hooper, so I moved Tower to get within 8″ of Honour to help heal her. Alas, a parting blow from Tapper knocked him down, ending his activation.

Hooper went next, hitting Honour several times, pushing her away from the ball. Mallet swung at Mash several times, taking his health down to critical levels. Brick swung at Hooper, knocking him back and doing little else.

It was time for that damn cat to make an appearance. With Shadow Like and a sprint, he was able to collect the ball and move near enough to Friday to pass the ball to her. My eyes opened like saucers as I realised his plan.


With a Bonus Time, the pass was true, allowing Friday to make a Snap Shot at goal, also with Bonus Time, needing to roll two 4+ results on 5 dice. The ball was true, and it struck the goal! In true form, it was a screamer.

Result: 12-8 (Brewers Victory)

The good

  • Brick is as hard to hurt as, well, a brick. He took a bunch of hits and just laughed. He didn’t do much else in the game, although his counter charge threat meant my opponent had to constantly account for it, which is can be a real issue. 10/10, would Brick again.

The bad

  • Oh Mallet, what did you do? Not much. You were on the side, you hit Mash a lot, but without that charge you are a slow burner. I should have put you nearer the centre, difficult ground me damned. I could have used a Quick Time from Honour potentially to help with that, too.

The ugly

  • The initial poor deployment made it difficult for me to be well positioned, following my first goal, if I had been more central it would have helped significantly with ball recovery.
  • More on the first turn, Flint should have not gained the ball so early in the turn, as it denied me several potential passes, and with it, momentum.
  • Tower. I like Shutout, I really do, and the idea of using it on Tapper looked good, but my opponent got the initiative when it mattered. I think he is great in some match ups, I like him against Morticians for example, but it is becoming clear he isnt for every game.
  • That sixth player. In this case it was Tower. I should have gone with a fast winger to help with the goals, as out fighting the Brewers was never a real option. I am definitely going to give Minx another go for this role, her lack of need for resources and speed would have helped with either flank in this game.
  • That snap shot. I didn’t see it coming. The ball scattered to where he could do it, but I could have kicked the ball somewhere else, making it impossible. My bad.

Once again, thanks for reading. See you next week.


2 thoughts on “Tapping Out

  1. On first turn, you moved Brick too far forward. His job is to KD enemy Players that are trying to charge your other players. I like to keep him around the middle of the Guild Ball symbol on my side.

    Marbles, Brick protects him, while he Goads or puts Tooled Up on Mallet. He doesn’t engage until later in the game when Honour is closing out the Match.

    The sixth player in this lineup is Decimate. She retrieves the ball, passes the ball to Honour & Second Winds herself back to your line. She is so fast, most of the time, she can retrieve with one Influence, pass with a second, after she slides back to your line. If she has more Influence on her, she can Second Wind someone else, like Mallet or Honour.


    1. Yes, you are very right about my Brick placement. It needs more work for sure, if he gets engaged early in the turn it kills his counter charge.

      I like Decimate a lot, and want to try her more, but I do find that she is very influence hungry in a team where honour, mallet and probably Flint needs as much as they can.


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