Battle Report

Some clever title involving stone

Good day to you all, gentle readers and fans of all things involving both guilds and, er, balls. Another battle report for you today for your perusal. Today it involves a mirror match, with Masons vs. Masons.

I have to warn you in advance, this match was played on Vassal, not with models crafted out of increasingly rare elements from the ground. I am sorry if this ruins your enjoyment of the report, and makes it feel more shallow. If it helps, to ensure I didn’t loose touch with reality, I gently stroked my Brick while playing online.

Today, the team I selected was…

Why did you choose this team?

I was expecting a fight with some opportunity Flint – based scoring on both sides, given how we would both have a similar team. As such, I wanted some goal scoring ability and some violence. Mallet is, of course, great at violence. The sole purpose of Brick was to run forward and take heat off the rest of my team whilst threatening counter charges. Minx was chosen as she is very cheap to run, as she has free charges, and a fair few of her playbook results generate momentum. And, of course, Flint is needed to score goals, and to make me feel like a man.

My opponent selected, unsurprisingly, a similar team. As it was a mirror match, and it is hard to do a battle report with the same figures on both team, I have arbitrarily decided (just now) that his team are obviously the evil versions of the Masons, probably from the darkest timeline.


My opponent won the roll- off and elected to receive. Both teams deployed in the centres of the pitch, expecting a violent fracas to happen shortly.

A common Masons tactic is to kick with Mallet to give him some extra threat, then use Honour’s Legendary Play Topping Out!, with some extra activation goodness from Superior Strategy to fling the guy forward, maybe also with a handy Tooled Up from Marbles. However, given how his team was as good at grinding out as mine was, I felt this would simply (at best) trading one of my models for one of his, so I elected Brick to kick the ball, with the hope he would take significantly more punishment and allow me to pick my fights.

My plan was to try and get a strong alpha strike on one of his team, and ideally take out his Flint as soon as possible, to give me the attrition advantage. Brick would hopefully help with this, even if it meant he would have the living poo kicked out of him.

Brick failed his kick roll like the champ he is, and the game was on!

Just a reminder, I am the masons at the top of the pitch, with the pure blue (as opposed to red / blue) borders.


Turn 1

Both teams allocated influence in a similar manner. Both of us gave a good stack to Honour, Mallet and Flint, with a few points given to the rest.

My opponent activated Evil Chisel first, who ran up, taking cover by the wall. Slightly surprised by this, Brick ran up, to put his 6″ aura of counter charge around anyone trying to capture the ball.

Evil Mallet, deciding this was not on, charged into Brick, hitting him with a Singled out, and after the dust had settled he had dealt the centre back 7 damage. Now that Evil Mallet had been brought forward, and was, effectively, done for the turn, I decided to pump up Mallet. Honour moved forward, using Topping Out! on Mallet and Marbles, followed by hitting Mallet with Superior Strategy. Unfortunately, she was slightly out of position to use her legendary play before she moved, and so after her movement had not moved up the pitch very much.

Fearing a Mallet- based assault, Evil Brick moved forward to threaten a Counter Charge. Biding my time, Marbles used a Tooled Up on Mallet.


Evil Honour was summoned next to do the bidding of her coach, and she charged into Brick. She rolled well and, later, poorly, leaving Brick on a single point of health. Mallet used his normal activation to jog into position.

Finally remembering the football, and wanting to dispatch Brick, Evil Flint charged up the pitch, collecting the ball, and smashing Brick upside the head, taking him out. It was first blood, and 2-0 to the Evil Masons! He then celebrated by kicking the ball to Evil marbles, gaining more momentum and keeping the ball well away from my Flint.

Mallet finally charging in, doing a good amount of damage to Evil Mallet, but unfortunately Don’t Touch The Hair! saved his life, after being dealt a great deal of damage. Mallet used his other attacks to weaken Evil Flint.


Evil Marbles activated, running slightly to the left. At this point we were even on momentum, and so I decided to try and press the advantage. Minx, using the fast ground to help, charged into Evil Chisel. This caused her a few wounds but, crucially, gave me a couple of extra points of momentum.

Finally, Flint ran to the left hand wing, looking for an opening next turn.

Score: 2 – 0 (Evil Masons)


I expected to lose Brick, and was happy that a lot of exertion went to this rather than hurting my team. I was hoping to trade his Evil Mallet for this, which seemed worth it, but at least I managed to draw out his Don’t Touch The Hair!, which I suspected he had. I was not happy with how I played Honour, due to mis-deployment she was forced to stop moving early to catch mallet in her Legendary Play, which meant she was quite a long way from the fight.

Turn 2

I won initiative, and used Miraculous Recovery  and Sideline Repairs to bring Brick on quite close to his front line, hoping to tie his players up whilst my beat sticks did the work. To that end, I gave a good amount of influence to Mallet and Flint, a point to Minx so she could have a token attack, nothing to Brick and a few points to Honour to allow her to get further up the field, and potentially charge anyone who strayed closer.

My opponent gave a good amount to Chisel, Honour and Mallet, a couple to Flint and a point to Marbles.

Deciding to finish off Evil Flint, Mallet moved slightly to the left before swinging three attacks at the striker. However, he only managed to do three points of damage, hurting him, but he was still doing fine. Evil Marbles moved up, passing the ball to Mallet to try and gain some momentum.

It would be a long shot, but I decided to go for a goal. Flint could, just about, use Where Did They Go? followed by a charge into the back of Evil Mallet, and, as long as he scored one hit, be able to tackle the ball and go for a three dice shot. Evil Mallet decided to go for a counter attack, needing to score four 4+ hits on five dice to knock Flint over, as a tackle would be bounced due to Close Control. Evil Mallet proved that to be easy and struck Flint hard, knocking him down and scattering the ball.


Evil Honour, smelling blood, turned heel and charged Flint, taking the boy toy out of action, also using her Legendary Play on her team. It was now 4-0 to the Evil Masons! Boooo!

Brick jogged up the pitch, using the fast terrain to allow him to get closer to the scrum. Evil Chisel went Crazy swung at Minx a few times and did some damage, Minx returned the favour. Fearing that Honour would be able to get close to Evil Chisel and do her some real damage, Evil Brick moved up to threaten a counter charge. Marbles ran to the right, staying out of range, as I feared being two more victory points down in later turns.

Evil Mallet charged into Mallet, determined to return the favour dealt to him last turn, causing him little damage. After much scratching of heads and use of Vassal-based Venn diagrams, I found a charge from Honour into Flint that avoided the Evil Brick counter charge. She tore into Mallet, doing some damage, and she used the momentum gained to get my Mallet back to his feat.

Evil Flint was to go next. He obviously wanted the ball, but we were both on equal momentum, and my opponent decided that going first next turn would be very useful. Evil Flint charged forward again, doing little damage but gaining a useful two extra points of momentum.


Score: 4 – 0 (Evil Masons)


This match rapidly turned into a slog in the middle. It was disappointing that Flint missed his goal. I think I mis-played Marbles, he should have ran left rather than right, and if I had given him a point of influence a handy Tooled Up would have helped Honour out a lot.

Turn 3

My opponent won initiative, and gave as much as he could to Evil Mallet, and a fair chunk to Evil Honour, giving out little to the rest of his team. I did similar, giving a good chunk to Honour and Mallet, but also a good amount to my newly recovered Flint, who came back on the far right.

Evil Mallet went first, knocking down Honour and Mallet, before going towards my weakened Brick, knocking him down also and also targeting him with a Singled Out. Next up was my Mallet, who swung at Evil Flint numerous times, taking him down to only a couple of wounds and also hitting him with a Singled Out. Trying to save the side, Evil Brick ran up, engaging Honour.


After more measurements I managed to work out that Honour could engage Flint whilst also engaging Brick, so she moved up, swinging at the evil striker and taking him out. It was now 4 – 2, and my first take out!

Honour ensured that her last swing at Evil Flint triggered her 1 damage / double dodge result, allowing her to disengage Evil Brick and then engage Evil Mallet, who she reduced to 8 wounds.

Determined to go after easier prey, Evil Honour charged Brick, reducing him to only a few health. Minx ran around Evil Chisel whilst still engaging her, doing her a couple more points of damage. Evil Chisel, now full of Painful Rage, swung at Minx, slightly wounding her, but as she was too wounded to go Crazy without fear of being knocked out, only slightly wounded the winger.

Flint used Where Did They Go? to get more threat range, and charged into Chisel to gain some momentum and to get himself closer to the ball, using some push / dodge results to disengage after.

Finally, both monkeys ran up the pitch, with Evil Marbles notably moving to flank Brick.


Score: 4 – 2 (Evil Masons)


More grinding, I was fortunate that order of activation issues meant that Evil Marbles was unable to get to Brick before Evil Honour was. I felt that, even though I was behind on VP, if I could get a cheeky goal and a take out soon I would hopefully be able to swing the game in my favour.

Turn 3

I was one up on momentum, but lost the initiative. My opponent gave all the influence he could to Evil Honour and Mallet, a few bits to the rest, and none to Evil Flint, who was still very wounded. I gave four points each to Honour, Mallet and Flint.

Evil Honour went first, taking out Brick easily, making it 6 – 2. She then, remembering Responsive Play from her good twin, used Quick Time to get close to Honour, and swung several times taking her down by four wounds. Needing to get the advantage, Flint used Where Did They Go? To jump around Chisel. He then smaked her round the head, getting a momentous push / dodge, then moved forward and scored a goal for the home team. It was now 6 – 6, and there was everything to to play for! My opponent elected to kick the ball well away from my Honour / Mallet team, but a poor scatter left the ball fairly near Flint again.


Feeling low on health, Evil Mallet swung at Honour, knocking her back, before jogging tot he right, using some momentum to heal himself. In response, my Mallet swung next, knocking Evil Mallet off his feet. This also allowed Mallet to move left, to engage Evil Brick and prevent any counter charges. Next to go was Evil Chisel, who rolled poorly, bouncing off Minx’s armour.

Honour, needing more hammer-related violence, charged into Evil Mallet. her charge attack only scored a single hit, her other attacks did little better, leaving Mallet on three wounds. Finally, like the rest of the game so far, both monkeys danced around the pitch, oblivious to the bloodshed, the game, or each other.

Score: 6 – 6


Blimey, this was a long game! I was hopeful now that I would be able to swing the match, my opponent was burning a lot of momentum to keep Mallet on his feet, and I was hoping Flint could help me out next turn. I was, in retrospect, too scared of Marbles being hit, and by now he should have been behind Mallet and Honour, making them much better at doing their jobs.

Turn 4

I managed to win the initiative, and gave a good amount to Flint, Mallet and Honour. My opponent, needing VP, gave a lot to Evil Chisel and Honour, and some to Evil Mallet, in case he survived.

Hopeful that he wouldn’t, I really wanted to punch Evil Mallet in the head as soon as possible, but this would probably mean that Chisel would take out Flint. Thinking this, I called the hunk of man love to go first. He used Where Did They Go? to grab the ball, before charging into Chisel. He hit her hard enough to cause a wrap, and two momentous push / dodges, flinging him forward and Chisel to the side, into the rough ground. Taking aim, he booted at the goal, scoring again! It was now 10 – 6 to the Masons!

Evil Honour swung at Honour, who counter attacked to trigger a double dodge. Fearing a Responsive Play, she used Quick Time to dodge back into contact, swinging several more times, wounding the Masons captain but leaving her upright. She also used the momentum gained to heal Evil Mallet.


It was time to finish this. I called Honour to go first, and several swings later Evil Mallet collapsed to the ground. It was a Masons Victory!

Result: 12 – 6 (Masons Victory)

The Good

  • It was a complete slug fest, but once I got their team on (generally) lower health than mine, my opponent was burning momentum to heal. Honour and Mallet grind things out pretty well together.
  • Minx. She didn’t do much, but she netted me a good few points of danage and momentum, and on the flanks facing against one other person she is relatively survivable.

The Bad

  • Brick. I intended for him to take punishment, and be a target to take heat off the rest of my team, but giving up 4 VP is no joke, and could very easily cost you the game.

The Ugly

  • Marbles. Even one point of influnce per turn would have been great, for a cheeky run to threaten a flank, or a Tooled Up, or a Goad, instead he did nothing. He is a great mascot, and I need to balance out the risk / reward plays with him more in future.

It was a great match, and a really brutal game. As always, please give any comments if you so feel inclined.

See you all next week!








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