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How do you attack someone? – Beginners

This is the first article that focuses on a single aspect of the game. I have decided to make this an article that is suitable for new players of the game, to show them a rules aspect for Guild Ball, and explain how it works.

For the rest of you, afterwards I go into more intermediate and (potentially) more advanced tactics in later posts. The aim is there is something here for everyone. If you have any advanced tips and tricks, please comment, and I will add them to help everyone out.

Attacking for beginners – the basic rules

First of all, let’s look at a stat bar, and a playbook. Let’s look at the First Lady of Guild Ball herself, Honour.


There we go. I have circled her TAC stat and her playbook, as well as her melee reach of 1″.

Assuming she is able to get an enemy model within her 1″ reach, Honour can spend 1 influence to make an attack. She is able to attack before and after advancing, but she is not able to break her advance, attack, then carry on moving further.

So, she rolls a number of six sided dice equal to her TAC stat…


What now? She compares the dice she has rolled to the DEF of the model she was attacking. Let’s look at another stat block, this time for Ox, the captain of the Butcher’s Guild.


We look at DEF and ARM of Ox. As he has a DEF of 3+, Honour needed to roll 3s or higher to hit him. As we can see, she rolled four dice that were a 3 or more. Ox has an ARM of 1, so we remove one of these dice, resulting in Honour scoring 3 hits.

We now look at Honour’s playbook again…


We always read left to right. She scored 3 hits, so she can choose any one of the results from left to right. A common misconception for beginners is that you can choose one per column, but one result is all you get. It is worth noting that she cannot choose a tackle unless Ox has the ball. Likewise, if he is knocked down, she cannot choose that result.

The results in blue are momentous, which means that she also gains a point of momentum for the team.


Here is the summary sheet taken from the Guild Ball website here. As you can see, she is able to choose a momentous tackle, a momentous 2 damage, a momentous 1 damage / double dodge, or a momentous push / dodge. She could, in theory choose to deal non-momentous one damage instead, but two is a better number, right?

Honour could get more hits by charging towards Ox. She can do this if she didn’t start in the melee zone of anyone else. It costs two influence, and gives her + 4 TAC. 

If she had any friendly models engaging Ox, she gains a bonus + 1 TAC per person. This is called ganging up.  If any enemy models are engaging Honour when she attacks, she is at -1 TAC. This is called crowding out.

If you hit very well, you can generate a wrap. Let’s look at Honour charging into Ox this time, with two friendly models ganging up. This means she is rolling 6 (her base TAC) plus 4 for charging, plus two for ganging up, meaning she rolls 12 dice.


Again, she is looking at rolling against the DEF of Ox that is 3+. After subtracting one hit for his ARM of 1, she rolls 8 hits.

Looking at her playbook again…


It is only six columns long. As she scored 8 hits, she generates a wrap. She can choose any one value from the first six columns, and any one value from the first two columns as well.

These results are simultaneous, and both can generate momentum. As she wants to hurt the Butchers captain, and hurt him good, she chooses 4 damage, and a momentous 2 damage as well.

That is how a basic attack works.

Do you want to know more? If so, let’s look at intermediate attacks.



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