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How do you attack someone? – Intermediate

This article follows on from the previous one  focusing on the basic mechanics on attacks in Guild Ball. This one looks at more applications of attacks, and how to use them.

An important point to note is that attacks can cause damage, but often they don’t. Some teams, like the fishermen, may attack many times throughout the game but barely hurt anyone at all.

So why bother?

Using attacks to re-position

Looking at Honour, again…


On two hits she can cause a point of damage, and also dodge two inches. Three hits gives her the ability to dodge an inch herself, and push her opponent an inch at the same time.

Remember: unlike many miniatures games you can attack, move, attack. A dodge result can allow her to move away from an engaging model, potentially out of their melee zone. This could allow her to move towards a potential goal shot without fear of parting blows. It could allow her to move towards another target who is on low health, giving her the chance of a take out and 2 VP. If you are new to the game, I will explain this in a later post. Suffice to say this is A Good Thing, and you need 12 VP to win.

A push / dodge is a very versatile result. It can allow her to do pretty much as described above, moving her effectively two inches away from a model.It can also be used to drag a model towards her, while moving back, increasing potential ganging up bonuses. It can also be used to help negate any problems with crowding out and cover from terrain.

This bit is important, so I will put it in bold. A push or dodge result indicates the maximum you can move. So if you have a momentous 2″ inch dodge you can move up to 2″. The same applies to push results. There we go.

Using attacks to trigger character plays

Honour is rubbish for this example, so let’s look at the Mason’s striker, Flint.


On three hits Flint has a GB symbol. It is filled in blue, so it is momentous. So, when he hits someone, and gets three hits, he can trigger this result. It allows him to immediately activate this result, giving him a 4″ dodge.

Why do this rather than just pay for it with the 1 influence you have just used to attack? Well, it gains him a point of momentum, which can be used for a goal kick, or anything else it can be used for. Of course, with Flint, as he only has a TAC of 4, he has to work hard to get those three hits, but you get the idea.

Using attacks to gain momentum

Sometimes, you just need momentum. You may want to guarantee a first activation next turn, or you may need it to heal yourself or another model. Looking at Honour again, this is why I often turn to her momentous 2 damage result rather than her 3 result. Of course, it depends on how close the model you are attacking is close to being taken out, but sometimes a pile of momentum can be more useful than a couple of point of extra damage.

Do you want to know even more? If so, let’s look at expert tactics for applying boot to face.



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