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How do you kick the ball? – Intermediate

This article follows on from the previous one on passing and kicking the ball. This article looks at ball handling in more depth.

Why should I pass the ball?

Especially when you are receiving the ball after a kick-off, momentum is important. I will go into more about momentum later. For now, remember that it is a very useful resource, and it, at the very least, will raise the chances of you going first next turn.

So, when you collect the ball, pass it around! If you want to score a goal in your first turn, or early next turn (as you, having an easy way to get momentum, could well win initiative) don’t have your main striker collect the ball at the beginning of the turn.

As your opponent has to indicate when he deploys who will have the ball, you have (some) idea where the ball may go to. Having a speedy player deployed on the wings who can collect the ball and pass back to your line, and then aim to have the ball eventually land at your striker’s feet, with a pile of momentum.

Or, pass the ball to someone to get the ball away from their striker, as your opponent scoring goals can be a bad thing. Even if it is not, with the ball they can generate momentum the same way.

When should I Pass ‘n’ Move, or Give ‘n’ Go?

So, an obvious one is to give your striker, or other goal scorer an extra 4″ threat range for a handy goal kick.

However, it can be a very handy threat extender or a way to get out of threat.

In a previous game, I just scored a goal, and made sure my striker was out of threat of his violent models. However, my opponent collected the ball, and passed it to said violent model, spending one momentum to get her 4″ closer up. Suffice to say it didn’t end well for the striker.

Likewise, during one game I realised I had mis-positioned my captain and was in threat of a brewer’s character, looking at giving me a pasting. Fortunately, a handy pass to my endangered model allowed her to dodge 4″ back saving her skin for another turn.

How can I make sure I can score a goal without being engaged?

Remember Shark?


He has several push / dodges here. They aren’t just for show. If he hits a model, he can move 2″, and as a dodge is a reposition he can move away without parting blows, allowing an uninterrupted kick.

Or, he can carry on attacking. With enough influence and models to hit, Shark can make 10″ worth of threat to a shot at goal before he even has his movement.

Note, several of these are momentous. So, if he has the ball, and goes first in the turn, as long as he has someone to hit he can generate that goal-important momentum all on his own. Pesky shark.

How can I guarantee moving a ball to a player?

You can, during your activation, and during any part of your move, release the ball. If you release the ball within 1″ of a player, they can immediately snap-to. This does not cost any influence, and gains no momentum, but it is guaranteed. Note, you cannot release the ball if you are engaged by an enemy player.

Or you could pass the ball, spend the 1 influence, and make sure you are very close (or at even point blank range) to pass the ball. Even if you miss, the ball path will always pass through your target. Again, a missed pass would result in no momentum, but the target would still have the ball.

Would you like to know even more? If so, head to the expert page. Go on! Stop reading this and click!



2 thoughts on “How do you kick the ball? – Intermediate

  1. Quote:
    “You can, during your activation, and during any part of your move, release the ball. If you release the ball within 1″ of a player, they can immediately snap-to.”

    I thought, only active models can use ‘Snap to’? So, if your active model drops the ball, the opponent might be faster to pick it up? Granted, you probably won’t use that manoeuvre in case an opponent model might reach the ball once dropped.


    1. Quote from page 39

      “If the ball-token lands or is placed within [1”] of a model, that model may choose to take
      possession of the ball-token; the ball-token will immediately snap-to that model’s base”


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