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How do you kick the ball? – Experts

This is the third post that focuses on passing the ball, following the intermediate and basic pages.

Like all expert pages, this one may well change. I don’t have all (or even 50%) of the answers, and If I am given any handy tips or idea, I will add them up here.

When should I snap shot?

Obviously, a snap shot is harder than a normal shot on goal. Looking at that handy calculator again (thanks, Australians!) we will see how hard…


So, with an average KICK of 3, we are looking at a 50% chance of a goal rather than 87.5%. Not great. Of course, a snap shot can be a game winner. If not, think carefully. Where will your opponent place the ball after a goal kick?It is possible they will place it miles away, either allowing them to counter-score, or just grab the ball and hide it, whilst beating your team into paste.

It costs 2 momentum to make a snap shot, but that does include the one momentum you just gained from the pass. So, if you have spare momentum, you can spend one to grant your model bonus time, which will give you an ever so important extra die.

Also, let’s look at Midas….


Like a few other strikers, he has Super Shot. This is a sustained ability. So, if he runs up the pitch and activates it (and then scores a goal, or just hangs around looking nonchalant) the power is active for the whole turn. This includes any snap shot, giving him an impressive 10″ threat range, and 4 dice to roll before you add bonus time. So, if you do both, and have Midas near the goal, he could roll 5 dice and have a lovely 81% chance of a goal.

When should I score a goal?

Well, surely always, right? A goal is worth 4VP, and an extra influence to allocate each turn. Sounds great.

  • Where will your goal scorer be after? Will they be in threat range of someone who can take them out easily, giving your opponent 2VP? This may be a non-issue if you are about to win, but piece trading needs to be considered. For example, if your model is taken out and your opponent scores soon after, a 6VP swing could be potentially game losing.
  • What is your opponent going to do with the ball after? Does he have a strong flank to kick the ball to after, where he can score quickly after? Or can he pass it part of his pitch where he has control, and he can just grab the ball and beat you up?
  • If he passes the ball to an area where you do have miniatures, it could be irrelevant if these models have already activated this turn and are ‘dead’ models, minimizing what you can do. Also, if your opponent has the momentum advantage, he could potentially score near the end of the turn, win initiative, and score again without you being able to do much about it.

When in a turn should I score a goal?

Thanks to Bob’s Guild Ball Blog for more football tips below…

Depending on the board it might be a smart move to wait for your shot on goal till it’s your last activation.  Unless your player that is going to score and/or the ball handler is or will be in danger of being attacked/charged I would always opt to score closer to the end of the turn.  But as I said it’s very situational.  Why?

  • You have a better idea of how the next turn is going to start off (as in you know how much momentum you have and how much your opponent has.  With that information you can opt to hold on to the ball rather than score 4VP and give potentialy more VP away as a result.
  • When there are fewer players left to activate when you score, there are fewer things that can mess up your game plan.  This means – since you are looking to score – your opponent has to deal with it.  Or he tries to go after the ball, or he has to set up for next turn to be able to score more VP in that turn than you will earn with the lonesome goal.
  • It’s harder to adapt to the game with fewer players left to activate AFTER you score the goal, unless there are NONE left…  Your opponent will get the ball most of the time after you score.  So he will be looking to use that to his advantage (as in = if he’s playing footbal, he will try to score / if he’s playing bashy he’ll be trying to keep the ball away from your team / if he’s mixing it up he might do a combination) Usually this translates into generating A LOT more momentum where you risk losing the initiative…

That said, scoring goals is fun. Just think of the consequences, kids.



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