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How do you use momentum? – Beginners

Is it time for another trilogy in three parts, this time on momentum. This is the beginners article, focusing on basic rules. Following on from this is a section on how and when to use momentum for the intermediate people in the room. Finally, a section on some higher level ideas on momentum, and when you should use it.

What is momentum?

Momentum is a resource that you build up as you go through a turn. Various actions your players do will earn momentum. During the initiative phase, after you have rolled initiative, your momentum drops to zero. When you roll initiative, you roll one die and add your current momentum. The highest player wins, with a draw being re rolled.

Apart from the first turn, if you lose initiative, you gain a free point of momentum to make you feel better.

How do I earn momentum?

  • Attacking. As mentioned in the section on making attacks, some attacks and character play results in your playbook are momentous. These are coloured in results, in the colour that your guild card is presented in. If you are unsure what this colour is, your card should be covered in it. For Masons, below, it is blue.


Behold, Flint! He has a momentous Tackle, a momentous push/dodge, and a momentous play icon, which allows him to trigger Where’d They Go?, at the same time as earning momentum.

Note, if you roll enough hits to wrap your playbook, you can choose more than one momentous result, and so earn more than one point of momentum in a single attack.

  • Passing. If you successfully complete a pass, you earn a point of momentum. Simple! Note, this does not apply to a ball snapping to or any of that shenanigans. You have to successfully make a pass roll.
  • Taking out. You get a point of momentum for taking a player out. Go beat someone out, champ! Or, failing that, push them off the pitch! I’m looking at you, Jac!
  • Scoring a goal. Look at the section on kicking the ball for more information. You get a point for scoring a goal. Note, as you spend one for making a shot on goal, you will end up overall not having spent any momentum, unless you score a screamer! or you have made a snap shot, as a snap shot costs 2 momentum (see below).
  • Screamer!  You get  points of momentum for scoring a screamer.A screamer is a goal where you roll two (or more) sixes when scoring a goal. Note, this means you score 2 points of momentum total, not 3, silly.

How do I spend momentum?

There is quite a few ways, so I will break them up a bit.


  • Shooting at the goal. You have to spend a point to make a shot on goal.
  • Run the length! After scoring a goal, the scoring model can make a 4″ dodge. Note, you can spend the momentum just gained from scoring that goal.
  • Teamwork. You can do 1 of these actions at once.
    • Give ‘n’ Go. A model making a successful pass can make a 4″ dodge.
    • Pass ‘n’ Move. A model receiving a successful pass can make a 4″ dodge.
    • Snap shot. A model that receives a successful pass can spend 2 momentum and make an immediate snap shot.


  • Counter attack. You can spend one to make a counter attack as an attack is declared. Look at the section on making attacks for more detail. Note, you can’t earn momentum from a counter attack.
  • Defensive stance. If you are charged, you can adopt a defensive stance as the charge is declared. This raises your DEF by 1 for the charge attack. There is more information on defensive stances here. Note, you are allowed to defensive stance and counter attack at the same time if you want.


  • Take a breather! A model can remove all their status conditions (knocked down, poisoned, bleeding, burning), OR heal 4 HP. A model can only do this once per turn.
  • Come on mate! A model can remove all the status conditions (knocked down, poisoned, bleeding, burning), OR heal 4 HP on a model within 8″. This does not require LOS. A model can only benefit from this once per turn, but a model can use Come on mate! on more than one model in an activation.

Other stuff

  • Gliding. A model can ignore penalties to movement from rough terrain for the remainder of the turn.
  • Bonus time. An active model can roll an additional die for any TN test. Note, this means any attack, pass attempt, and shot at goal. This includes counter attacks and snap shots. You can’t bonus time more than once per roll.

Would you like to know more? If so, head to our intermediate section.


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