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Shanks For The Memory

Hello everyone in internet land. Today is time for another battle report, this time against the butchers.

There has been some mentioning (well, by one person. Once) that I don’t use real photos in my reports. So, here is my opponent, a chap named Martin, who seems intent on being the village bicycle of Guild Ball by appearing in as many media outlets as possible.

Hi, Martin!


Hi, Andrew!

He was playing Butchers. I, perhaps unsurprisingly, was playing Masons.

Today the team I selected was:

This is a team I have only used once before, having read about it on a very useful Masons thread on the Steamforged games forum. I like the team quire a lot, and I am going to continue to use it until Season 2 comes out and the whole world become a lot more Hammer shaped.

The usefulness of Mallet has been often commented on. Brick is still astounding, bringing to the table more influence than he ever needs, as well as delivering great board control. Chisel is a new one for me. She is fragile, but if you handle her with care she hits like an emo truck, and 2″ reach is always super useful. Finally, Decimate is fast, can handle the ball, and she has Second Wind. If you aren’t aware of this ability, it allows a jog after your activation, and combined with Superior Strategy it allows ludicrous maneuverability.

My opponent used:

Boiler is a fast winger who can hand out the great DEF buff Swift Stance, as well as dish out a lot of damage (especially when combined with Ox and an assisting princess). Shank is probably one of the best players in the game, with 2″ reach, superb maneuverability as well as good damage output. Following a theme, Brisket is also fast, a great goal threat as well as being able to dish out good ranged damage from Dirty Knives, or by just hitting you in the face. Finally, Tenderiser is a goal keeper, and so can use Rush Keeper to counter charge any goal threat, as well as make the base TN of a goal kick 5+ if he is within 4″ of the goal.


I won the roll off and elected to receive. My opponent, wanting to get in my face and smash it as soon as possible, elected to kick with Ox. It was a good kick, and the game was on!


Turn 1

Feeling like a tactical genius, I allocated four points to Chisel and four to Honour. Decimate got two points, and Brick got a couple.Ox got a ton of influence, as did Shank. Brisket and Boiler got enough to move up the field, Boiler getting a little more so he could throw out a Swift Stance if the mood took him.

I was a little concerned about Ox being so far up the field, and him able to get into my team early, though Ox seemed so important to his team I was almost willing to sacrifice a model to take his out. That said, the plan was to move up with Mallet, pass the ball to Honour, and use the point of momentum to move Mallet back out of threat. This failed, Mallet missing the pass. Though deviation meant that the ball ended up with Honour anyway, it left Mallet worryingly close to a few angry butchers. Not that there is any other kind.

So, up came Shank. He used Where’d They Go? to dodge around the wall, and then charged into Mallet, doing a fair bit of damage. Feeling that Ox could well go next and finish the old workhorse off, Brick moved up to threaten his Counter Charge on any further Mallet beating. Boiler used Swift Stance on Ox, and moved up the pitch, then also using Marked Target on Brick. Honour used her Legendary Play, Topping Out! on herself, Marbles and Chisel, followed up by Superior Strategy on Chisel. Needing momentum, and feeling fairly safe due to her Responsive Play, Honour moved up to near Brick, passing the ball to Decimate.

Ox was called up next, charging into Brick. I was fairly sure that Brick would survive this assault, but I did not want to surrender a huge pile of momentum (and potential initiative), so he used Don’t Touch The Hair to dodge back. Feeling exposed he used some of his unspent influence to give himself Tough Skin.

1 - turn 1.png

Tenderiser sat on the goal line, hammer in hand. Marbles used Tooled Up on Chisel, followed by a jog to threaten an Assist with Honour in future turns. Princess moved up to support Boiler. Given how close Ox was to my front lines, there seemed no need to any Second Wind on anyone. So, Decimate passed the ball back to Honour, and sprinted to gang up on Ox.

It was time for Chisel to prove to me how good she was. She went Crazy, jogged to engage Ox, and started swinging her hammer.With numerous models helping out the melee she was able to do a good chunk of damage, though with Ox’s current DEF of 4+ and ARM of 2 he was tough to hit. Still, she took him down to 5 health and netted a large pile of momentum.

Brisket sprinted up the pitch. Finally, Chisel used her second activation to go Crazy again. Despite being out of influence, I had enough momentum to guarantee first turn, and  I would be able to trigger Painful Rage next turn.

2 - turn 1.png

Score: 0-0

Turn 2

I won initiative. I allocated four points to Chisel and Honour, and a couple to Decimate and Mallet. For the Butchers, Shank got a good stack, as did Boiler. Princess got a couple of points, as did Brisket.

Crucially, Ox got none. Now, normally, this would mean I could kill Ox later in the turn, as he wasn’t doing much. However, I wanted to kill a model before it had activated, I didn’t want him healed, and Chisel seemed far to low on health and near other violent models. So, I activated her first.

She, predictably, went Crazy again, pushing her into the wonderful danger zone of Painful Rage, and started swinging again. She was able to take out Ox with a point of influence to spare, allowing her to run away from Shank, and heal herself with some of her gained momentum.

Wanting to set up a Boiler Assist, Princess sprinted forward, engaging Brick and biting him for some damage. Me not wanting a Boiler Assist, I moved Brick away from engagement, happy to take a parting blow from the Butchers Mascot. Shank danced around Mallet, dealing him some damage.

Boiler charged into Brick, doing him a good amount of damage, and making him bleed to boot. Mallet, feeling vulnerable, moved to maximum 2″ reach from Shank, hitting him for a Singled Out, followed by a knock down. He then healed himself.

Brisket, not being able to get the ball off Honour due to her Responsive Play, charged into Brick also. This took Brick’s health down to single digits.Decimate moved to engage Boiler, giving Second Wind to Honour. Tenderiser sat on the goal line, looking grumpy. Marbles jogged round to engage Boiler.

3 - turn 2.png

As my opponent was down a player, I was now able to get a back-to-back activation. Honour went up to engage Boiler. With help from Marbles giving her +1 Damage, and numerous ganging up models, she was able to take out the apprentice, netting more VP to the Masons. She then used her Second Wind to move back around to engage Brisket.

Note – both of us completely forgot about Brisket’s Unpredictable Movement, which may have saved her from future violence. Sorry!

Score: 4-0 (Masons)

Turn 3

I allocated as much as I could to Honour and Chisel, and a couple of points to Mallet.My opponent allocated a good pile to Shank, Brisket and Princess. Boiler and Ox came on to the pitch near his goal.

Feeling like more of a fight (maybe it was the influence of all those Butchers), Honour attacked Brisket. Again, due to Assist from Marbles, she was able to take out the striker. She then used Quick Time to move back Marbles from any potential mascot hunting, then jogged towards the left side of the pitch.

Shank got to his feet, used Where’d They Go? to engage Brick, taking him down to less than 5 health. He really had it in for the big guy. Mallet charged into Shank, knocking him down again.

Looking at the state of affairs, and deciding that discretion was the best part of valour, Princess ran away, as fast as her little legs could carry her. Brick moved around Shank to clear a charge lane for Chisel.

Tenderiser sat in the goal line, working on his novel. Marbles moved up to engage Shank. Ox jogged up the pitch. Decimate also decided to engage Shank. Boiler also ran up the pitch. Chisel then, to the surprise of absolutely no one, went Crazy, then charged into Shank. Combined with her Painful Rage and the gang surrounding the Butchers winger, she had little trouble taking him out.

4 - turn 3.png

Score: 8-0 (Masons)

Turn 4

I always find, when the VP total for a player hits 8, the game changes pace hugely. Suddenly the gears shift, as one goal can immediately net you the game. So, it was time to try and score and get this one in the bag.

I gave Honour and Decimate as much influence as I was legally allowed, a point to Marbles and a point to Mallet. My opponent gave a good stack to Tenderiser, Boiler and Ox.

Not wanting to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, I decided to wait. Besides, I needed some momentum to score.So, in case an opportunity for mascot hunting presented itself, Marbles used Tooled Up on Decimate. Boiler used Swift Stance on both himself and Ox, and jogged around to the rough ground. Chisel, tired of this war, stood where she was and heckled.

Decimate used Second Wind on Honour, then, wanting momentum, I had Decimate charge into Tenderiser. She struck him for a little damage, netting me important momentum. Shank moved up slightly. Honour used Superior Strategy on herself and jogged up, ensuring she was out of the threat range of any Butchers.

Ox charged into Decimate, seeking revenge. He used his Legendary Play, Get ‘Em, Lads!, to charge into the Union winger. After the dust had settled, she was left on a single point of health. Needing more momentum so I could use Bonus Time on my goal kick, Mallet jogged into Ox, knocking him down and netting me momentum. Princess sat by Boiler, gnawing on a bone.

Honour charged into Tenderiser. She used a momentous push / dodge to pull him more than 4″ away from the goal to cancel out his Goal Defence, and then used Bonus Time for a four dice kick at goal. It struck true, resulting in a Masons victory!

5 - turn 4.png

Result: 12-0 (Masons Victory)

The Good

  • This is probably the most I have used Superior Strategy on Honour during a game. The options it gave her were superb. It is going to be hard to give this up for Hammer, for sure.
  • Chisel was a killing machine. She is odd, and attacking midfielder who often wants to be nowhere near the front line. Still, when she goes for the kill, she can really net some VP.

The Bad

  • Decimate did OK in this game, but she didn’t do much damage, and Second Wind wasn’t hugely useful. Still, as I didn’t lose possession, I guess she will come into her own when she can start using her dodges and tackles to get the ball off someone else.

The Ugly

  • As is apparent, it was a killing fest, and the Butcher’s got beaten up. A lot. However, I don’t think it was as one sided as it looks, the main mistake (I feel ) was Ox being flung up field. I was concerned enough about his ability to support his team that I was very wiling to sacrifice a model to take him out. Once taken out, I feel like the game swung and was very hard to recover from. If I was not able to take him out, I think it could have been a very different match.

Thanks for reading. Tune in next Thursday for a very different episode, some sneak previews and some special announcements!

See you next week!



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