Battle Report

A Little Less Obulus

Hi there! It is time for another battle report, this time featuring the Masons vs The Morticians, featuring the amazing, unbeatable, totally better in every way to the season 2 captain, Obulus!

As normal, this match was played using genuine metal and resin models that you could definitely choke a toddler that unfortunately made their way into your hobby room with. Feedback on the photo of my real opponent was positive, so let’s do it more often. Say hi, Tom!

Totally Tom

Hi, Andrew!

Today, the team I selected was:

  • Honour
  • Marbles
  • Flint
  • Mallet
  • Avarisse & Greede
  • Brick

This is a team that I am starting to get a major man crush on, and helped me get to the finals of a local 16 man tourney recently. Mallet is a solid choice, as always, and can lay down hurt as well as support a take out. Brick offers so much potential board control that I can’t honestly ever imagine playing  a game without him. Flint is a superb striker, being able to score from practically anywhere. Avarisse & Greede really allow me to control the flow of activations throughout the game, and Avarisse is a good beater and damage sponge in his own right, though his lack of armour can hurt him.

My opponent selected:

  • Obulus
  • Dirge
  • Ghast
  • Fangtooth
  • Silence
  • Mist

Ghast is a amazing model for controlling the pitch, with easy access to knockdowns, and Fear allows him to soak a lot of punishment. Silence is probably the best control player in the game, with ready access to flaming conditions to lower movement, as well as Shutout and Tucked to dictate the order of activations. Fangtooth is a crazy damage sponge as well, with Foul Odour to slow the game down. Finally, Mist is great goal scorer as well, with an equal goal threat to Flint.


I won the roll off, and elected to receive. My opponent, wanting to get stuck in, kicked off with Fangtooth. He rolled a superb kick off result, the ball scattering out of range of my mis-positioned force. The game was on!


Turn 1

I have been, of late, giving Superior Strategy to Flint. It makes him able to score very well on turn one, then allowing him to get into position to retrieve the ball, giving him a very good chance of scoring in the second turn. This can sometime allow him to score three times in three back to back activations, though that rarely happens.

However, I had mis-positioned my team slightly. This, combined with the awesome kick-off, meant that Mallet was an inch of even being able to grab the ball at a full run. Hoping still to score, I gave Honour a full stack, Flint three points, and a couple to Mallet. My opponent gave a load to Obulus and Silence, and a few points the rest of his team.

Knowing that ball retrieval would be tricky, and realising that I could very easily move too far froward to get a puppet master drag by Obulus first turn, I activated Honour first. She gave Superior Strategy to Mallet, followed by Quick Time on the old workhorse as well. Finally, she used her Legendary play on her team. I was not intending to use the Mallet missile, as the targets opposite him looked tough, as well as there being Fangtooth’s Foul Odour to deal with, but I needed to get near the ball and not lose the entire side of the pitch.

Fangtooth ran up, snapping the ball to him, which he then kicked back to the middle of his team. Brick ran up next, being careful to be more than 3″ from Honout so not to get both of them set on fire from any future Embalming Fluid attacks from Silence. Dirge retrieved the ball, and drop-passed it to Silence.

Wanting to stall until he did something useful with his team, Marbles used Tooled Up on Mallet. He must have been conditioned to do so by now. More stalling continued as Ghast jogged up the pitch, followed by Greede jogging backwards to wards my goal. Finally, Silence decided to do something useful, passing the ball to Mist, then throwing an Embalming Fluid at Honour, setting her on fire.

1 - Turn 1.png

Obulus moved laterally towards Mist, using Confidence on the Union Striker, followed by Puppet Master to move Mist closer to my goal. Mallet used his first activation to jog up the pitch.

Last to activate was Mist, who was getting bored of all the dancing around, sprinted towards the goal and took a shot. The ball flew true, making the score 4-0 to the Morticians! He then used Knee Slider to move out of Mallet’s threat range. The ball landed near the feet of Flint.

Mallet then moved up to be 3″ away from Fangtooth and started swinging, doing a fair bit of damage to the Union, er, lump. More importantly, he netted me several points of momentum.

Finally, it was up to the boy toy. Flint moved up, grabbing the ball, and took a shot. It flew true, making the score 4-4! My opponent placed a vengeance token on Flint, using Who are Ya? making me suddenly feel less confident about his future. The ball was kicked towards Ghast, who picked it up.

1 - Turn 2.png

Score: 4 – 4

Turn 2

Due to my momentum gain from the first turn, I won initiative. Flint seemed to be too far to collect the ball from the Morticians cage, so I gave him a couple of points to keep him safe. Honour got a full stack, Marbles got a point, as did Avarisse. Finally, Mallet got a few points.

Fangtooth got a full stack, as did Obulus, Mist got none, with Ghast and Silence picking up a couple.

It seemed like getting hold of the ball of Ghast would be very difficult. Even if I did, the poor fool I sent there would probably be beaten to a pulp. Furthermore, Flint looked like he would be an easy kill if he remained where he was for too long, especially with that vengeance token on him. So, Flint dashed back, taking cover near the crates.

Silence went next, hurling more Embalming Fluid, this time at Mallet, slowing him down. Not wanting to commit yet, Marbles used Tooled Up on Honour. Mist jogged to the side, in cover of some nearby crates. Mallet, being slowed down, decided to start swinging on Fangtooth, first landing a Singled Out, followed by a knockdown, then several more attacks. Singled Out allowed a wrap, netting me some precious momentum, as well as taking the big guy down to (merely) 20 HP.

Ghast dropped the ball near Mist, then charged into Avarisse, knocking him down. Brick jogged up, keeping out of range of a possible Obulus charge. Fangtooth was next, moving up to Mallet, also knocking him down.

Realising that, even with a Brick threat, Honour would not be safe from Obulus and puppet master shenanigans, I decided to go on the offensive. She jogged into Ghast, using the momentous push dodge to get within range of Dirge, who she took out. She then used Quick Time to dodge back, then a momentous 1 damage / double dodge to move back further. This gave my opponent some momentum from Rising Anger, but due to Dark Doubts from killing Dirge it seemed less important.

Obulus was next able to get to Honour, wounding her and knocking her down. Finally, Avarisse got to his feet, and did little save striking Ghast for some damage and momentum.3- Turn 2.png

Score: 6-4 (Masons)

Turn 3

I would like to say my tactical genius did me proud here, but that would be a lie; my opponent had more momentum than me, and I won the initiative. Good times! I allocated a load to Honour, as much as I could to Mallet, a couple of points to Avarisse and a point to Marbles.

My opponent, murder in his eyes, gave as much as he could to Obulus (see a pattern here, yet?), a couple of points to Silence, Fangtooth and Ghast.

Honour was on low health, and all I could do was to hope that she would be able to heal as much as she could and run away. I also had Don’t Touch The Hair! to help her out. So, she struck Obulus several times, then used Quick Time to help her jog away. Fangtooth moved around the knocked down Mallet, striking him several times, but failing to throw off an Unmasking. Avarisse moved around Ghast, striking Fangtooth. The first hit glanced off his Glutinous Mass, the second one striking for a Singled Out. He used some of this gained momentum to heal Honour further.

Ghast struck Avarisse, knocking him down, then jogging to engage Brick to negate any Counter Charge. As Fangtooth had already activated, Marbles used Tooled Up on Mallet. Finally, it was time for the Obulus show. He jogged into contact with Honour. I dutifully forgot I had Don’t Touch The Hair! in my hand like a real PRO, and he took out the Mason’s captain.

Mallet got to his feet and started swinging, taking Fangtooth down to low single digits of HP. Silence moved up, hitting Marbles and Mallet with Embalming Fluid, then using some momentum to heal Fangtooth.  Flint moved further away from the centre scrum, and Mist loitered around the crates.

4- Turn 2.png

Score: 6 – 6

Turn 4

We were on equal momentum and I won the roll off. I used Sideline Repair and Miraculous Recovery on Honour to bring her on very close to Mist. I gave her and Mallet a full stack, a couple of points to Avarisse, and a point to Marbles.

My opponent gave as much as he could to Mist and Obulus, and a few points to Fangtooth.

Honour, proving she was the First Lady of Guild Ball, used Quick Time to engage Mist. She was able to tackle the ball, and then hit a 1 damage / double dodge to disengage the Union striker. She then used some momentum to heal herself, jogged up to kick range of the goal, and took a shot. It flew true, and it was now 10-6 to the Masons! Fearing Obulus still, she used some of her momentum to make a 4″ dodge towards the cover of the crates. The ball was kicked, landing between Silence and Mist. Fangtooth charged forward, using a Unmasking to push Mallet and Avarisse away, using more momentum to heal himself.

Avarisse got to his feet, and stuck Fangtooth several times again, using some of the momentum to heal Mallet, who was now down to around half health.

5 - Turn 4.png

Fearing Mallet’s fairly clear run on the ball, Obulus used Puppet Master on himself to get more movement, then moved to engage Mallet, striking him for some damage. I finally remembered Don’t Touch The Hair! , probably saving his life, moving him closer to the ball.

It was time for the workhorse to go to work. Mallet struck Obulus for a Singled Out, followed by a knock down. He then sprinted to the ball, kicking to Honour. She took a snap shot, with Bonus Time. It flew true, and she scored for the win!

Score: 12-6 (Masons Victory!)

The Good

  • Avarisse and Greede. The extra activations really helped me early game, though, as an unfortunate feature of this report being written over a week after the game, it wan’t always recorded. Plus, an extra Singled Out is nice, as is the momentum Avarisse can generate.

The Bad

  • Hitting Fangtooth. A lot. At one point he was down to 2 HP. Due to positioning, I couldn’t really hit anyone else all game with Mallet. Then again, he was a valuable source of momentum, and my opponent was burning 3 points a turn just to keep him up.
  • Brick. His counter charge was negated by Ghast. Was it poor positioning? Maybe, I am not sure if it is possible to ever position him correctly. It requires a hell of a lot of practice with angles and the like. I am getting better, but I need to do more.

The Ugly

  • (Failing on) collecting the ball first turn was bad. Since I have played this game, I have got better with this team, sometimes even using a cheeky first turn Greede run to collect it, as he has a 10″ collection range, plus a 4″ kick.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Next week will be a podcast episode, so I may well see you in print the week after that. If you liked this, why not follow my on Twitter @Singled_OutGB ? Oh, you do? I’ll get my coat.

Thanks for reading!







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