Why I Love...

Why I love Harmony

Hello everyone. It is time that you and I, dear reader, had a little chat. You see, like most Masons players out there, I used to hate Harmony.

Maybe it was the fact that the model didn’t really have a chin. Most likely it was due to her playbook, the fact that she had to be chained to Honour to be any good. Maybe it was the fact that, despite her high DEF, she died to a stiff breeze.

Let’s be honest. It was all of those things. I was then given the challenge to use her at a team tournament. At this, I won all the of my games AND over half the VP I scored were by the Scarlet Star herself. I am not saying she is amazing….yet. I am saying, however, that she merits further investigation. She requires finesse to play, and she has bad matches, but she can do things none else can do. Well, apart from maybe Zarola and her battle cat.


Well, she has a pretty much standard maximum Masons run speed of 8″, but a slightly faster jog. Her TAC and KICK are mascot level, but she has a decent defence. Sorry, Harmony, we are not coming to you for statistics.



Always remember that Family is when she activates within 4″. More than once I have passed to Harmony and used her to pass n move get goal threat, only to find she had moved out of Honour’s bubble.  That said, this trait makes her a pretty good striker, and an okayish fighter.


Situationally nice, it can encourage you to bunch up too much, so bear that in mind, that said, when Harmony is DEF 5+, ARM 1, she is hard to hit.


Sooo…..with TAC 3 you are only ever going to hit the first result. Then again, this is a momentous tackle which is always lovely. 

If she activates within 4″ of Honour and uses Family, pumping her to a respectable TAC 6, she may reliably hit a momentous 2 damage. Scything blow (activated from her guild ball result) is far too high up to be any good to anyone.

Oh dear, Harmony. You aren’t doing well here either…so why am I sitting here on my iPad on a Sunday evening saying that I love you?



It can make her very slippery, if you have the influence for it, however I tend to pass her the ball and give her a 4″ dodge instead. That’s said, if you have the influence it can make a goal run that much easier.

Scything blow

I have never used this with Harmony. Sorry.

So, that’s her entire card. All in all pretty underwhelming. 

Hang on, someone is on the other line. Honour, is that you?

Ah… Linked. LINKED.

Is it really worth a whole article on this one power?

Damn right it is. You know one reason why I like Guild Ball? The alternating activations. Always keeps you in the game, and gives you chances to respond to your opponents actions. Linked completely breaks that.

Stop rambling, how do you use Linked?

Ok, ok, sorry. I use it primarily for goal threats. Honour is a nimble captain, and getting the ball isn’t that hard for her. She has plenty of momentous dodges and a momentous tackle on one hit, as well as Quick Time to get around. Sometimes, due to where she is, she can’t get the ball and then get near the goal. This would, ordinarily, have her sitting there with the the ball, possibly being a target.

With Harmony getting an immediate activation if Honour can get the ball, Harmony has a good chance to score if she can either receive the ball from a pass, or if Honour kicks the ball into space anywhere near her. If she Honour gets the ball, and Harmony is near by, there is literally nothing your opponent can do about it.

Sometimes this may mean Harmony is too far away, and will be unable to use Family to get KICK 4/6″. Even so, a bonus time will pump her to a 3 dice kick, which whilst not great, isn’t bad for a goal kick where there is no chance of any interruptions.

Or, you could live the dream where Honour scores and then Harmony activates next to try and score again, but I haven’t done that yet.

The other use for Linked is violence. Now, Harmony is definitely a lover not a fighter (ask Hammer about that one), but with crowding out she can easily hit 7 or more dice, making the chances of scoring a momentous 2 damage pretty likely. When I do this, Honour tends to go for someone and Harmony finishes them off. Why bother with this?

Well, first of al, it can raise Honour’s reliable damage output by 4 or so, and the immidate activations means there is no chance for healing in the mean time. If you are planning on doing this, I recommend targeting a model that has not yet activated. The reasons for this are twofold, first it means (hopefully) your opponent will loose a lot of INF – which is  handy as you have just spent a ton. Secondly it means that they will get less activations at the later part of the turn, as you have just spent two of yours.

Harmony and influence

I tend to give her 2-3 points, most likely 2. With 2 points she has a 14″ goal threat, which is good with the right positioning, especially with a pass n move. It also means she can kick out a bit of damage if needed. Failing that it gives her enough to nimble and run to a good position.

When not to take Harmony

Ok, we all know about Midas. If you don’t, well, he can copy your character plays. Don’t give him scything blow as you will learn to regret it.

Also, any ranged character plays or condition effects (especially ranged bleed or poison) will kill her very, very quickly, so be aware of these.

Why I love Harmony

So, she requires a fair bit of practice to use Linked, but when you have it nailed down you will be able to perform goals and (sometimes) takeouts that your opponent will never see coming. And that, my dear, is why I love you.


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