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Taking Fillet to a Tournament

During our recent interview with Mat Hart we asked a question around his Attritionman (sic) and as to whether he has thought of any new off the wall team comps. Whilst we wait for his new Engineers team selection to be dropped at Steamycon we also briefly touched on a Fillet lead goal seeking team! 

As I had a tournament coming up (the Heroic Play Midlands Challenge round 3) and in my usual style of trying new things at events I thought I would drop the usual Fillet (almost auto includes) of Gutter (2″ Melee and re positions) and Boiler (Swift Stance and bleed) and field a new team of Butcherly loveliness! 






Minx… dun dun duhhhhhhhhh!!


Now I won’t go through the whole team as you all no doubt know it really well but I will talk about 2 of the team..

Tenderiser. I used to play Mr Riser a lot earlier in the year with Ox. To be honest I never really had much joy out of him.. and when I discovered Gutter, he got dropped and I never really looked back. Now I love the model and having a bit of a rethink in a Fillet team I think he will be able to bring huge value. Having abilities that cost 0 influence is such a bonus to a super star inf hungry captain..


Most teams will be trying to score goals against a hyper violent Butchers team. Having to make them roll a 5 to score adds an increased difficulty. Especially if you position his 40mm base correctly and effect the ball path reducing your opponents dice pool by 1.


Having played Brick in the Masons team has given me a bit more insight into positioning player with countercharge. Although Tenderiser is less flexible than Brick due to the requirement to stay 4″ from goal, he will still make your opponent think a bit deeper about how to approach their goal shooting position. If they decide to come into melee with him to negate the counter charge, that has potentially brought a nice tasty target into range for Fillet/Shank to attack.

Other less frequently used abilities are Seismic Shot and Ground and Pound. Whilst situational due to his walking range, when the time is right they can be Influence well spent! Watching a team be blasted 3″ away and KD is brilliant. Used early in a turn before any MoM generated it can be fantastic.



All this being said, Tenderiser is never normally 4″ from his goal so the action needs to be in and around your half of the pitch, otherwise he is just providing Fillet with an influence she craves. 

So we come to Minx. Having only ordered the mini on the Wednesday before the Saturday tournament I didn’t have chance to try her out. I only just managed to slap enough paint on her to make her tournament legal!

My loose pre-tournament plan was to run Minx, Fillet and Shank through the middle. Use Pain Circle and Dirty Knives to damage the opposition and to use Damaged Target to get crazy threat ranges. In the meantime always considering goal threat range from each of the players (obviously not truffles or Tenderiser)!



Round 1 v Alchemists (Smoke). To kick off the tournament I got to play against my good friend Parker from The Battlehammer. We had a really enjoyable game with the highlight for me being the YOLO snap shot with an engaged Fillet who received a one dice pass from a Blinded Shank. Post game I asked Parker if Tenderiser and Minx made impact on his game. As a goal seeking team with Smoke the ‘Goal Defense’ made him think twice about low dice shots. And the positioning on Tenderiser to reduce dice and the threat of ‘Rush Keeper’ made him use up a chunk of his clock. Mix didn’t have a huge impact but did force him to move players to engage her to negate her free charge.

Butchers win 12-6 (2 goals 2 take outs)

Round 2 v Brewers (Esters). The next game saw me play Andy and his Brewers. I was a bit worried as he was a experienced player with plenty of time in with Fillet himself. I was doubly worried as my track record against Brewers is a bit of a mixed bag. Both Tenderiser and Minx were in the action on this occasion. Highlights being a crowded out Esters being taken out by a free Minx charge with ‘Steamroller’ being played and getting a wrap doing 7 damage with Gluttonous Mass being popped earlier in the turn. Tenderiser rounded off the action with a nice attack on Friday late game to get the 12.

Butchers win 12-2 (1 goal 4 take outs)

Round 3 v Masons (Honour). The third game was against the top bloke Jon Bucket who I met at my first tournament earlier this year in Cambridge. This was the Tenderiser show for much of the game. His rush keeper threat was always on Jon’s mind and even a thoroughly elaborate Flint attempt still left him needing to roll a 5 on 2 dice (Flint doing what he does best and missing). Minx got involved with grinding down 1 or two players for take outs but was not a stand out.

Butchers win 12-2 (1 goal 4 take outs)

Round 4 v Butchers (Fillet). I’d made it to the final against Ryan. Again a nice bloke and was running a more traditional Fillet team with Boiler in there to hand out Swift Stance and Marked Target. Both of which he used very well. He also ran Tenderiser and his was a lot more effective than mine. Forcing me to miss two goals needing 5’s and messing up a Shank activation late turn 2 when I was going for a 6 point activation to kill Princess and score. Ryan played very well and his Fillet was very effective where mine unfortunately got out of position (bad play on my part). Minx got taken out fairly early but came on to help remove Shank but that was her only involvement. My Tenderiser made Ryan think around his positioning but with Fillet able to move such great distances she was able to work round him for a Truffles take out and goal. A fantastic 6 point activation to beat me and win the Tournament. Well played Ryan!!

Ryan’s Butchers Win 12-6 (1 goal 4 take outs)

I came second overall but my proudest moment was winning best painted. Very happy!



butch 2.JPG

To sum up the two players in focus….

Tenderiser is magic. I didn’t get get to use the Ground Pound or Seismic Shot as they are situational but his Character Traits are faultless. Will he get any tweaks for S3? I can’t see it but I’m looking forward to November!

Minx was interesting. Free charge and bringing two Inf to the team in great. I managed a few early damage turns using Fillets Pain Circle as mentioned in the above to increase threat range but Minx was pretty much where she needed to be and got involved as required. 

Next up I’m going to have a look at Meathook pre-and post Season 3 and try her in the team!

Thanks for reading!

Mart (@WAPmart)


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