Battle Report

Season 3 Masons – First Tournament Report

Went to a local 16 man tourney run by Andy from The Heroic Play yesterday and placed 2nd.

My line up was:







Vet Harmony

I wanted Chisel for a match up against anyone who could hide the ball or out football me, but I also knew that Alchemists are doing pretty well, and I don’t like playing them, so in the end decided to go for Veteran Harmony for her smelling salts. Not that I played Alchemists, but there you go.

I was unsure about Granite, never having used her, but I thought I might give her a go.

Game one

First match up was against Fillet Butchers, I took my (normally) standard lineup of Brick, Flint, Hamony and Tower. My opponent took Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Boar and Brisket.

Double counter charge isn’t nice versus Butchers who lack a lot of reach. Was able to use linked to get a 6 VP activation and win the game, taking Fillet and Meathook out early in the game gave me more breathing room, as they wary about rejoining the fight. The two counter charge bubbles allowed me to pick my engagements, and kept them at bay long enough for Honour and Harmony to double – tap whoever they wanted.


Yeah…double counter charge can control the pitch early game. Unless you are playing against the Guild Ball equivalent of Gandalf / Neo who has basically beaten you before the game has started.

Game two

Second match was against Scalpel Morticians. As my opponent had Obulous and Scalpel in his roster I decided to go for Brick, Harmony, Flint and Mallet, Mallet there for in case there was any annoying counter attack BS from Ghast, or rough ground from Casket, or Unpredictable Movement from Obulous. My opponent took Dirge, Cosset, Minx, Ghast, Graves.

An easily Superior Strategy goal from Flint, followed by a Honour take out on Cosset / linked goal from Hamony put me in the lead, however my cold-addled brain forgot that Graves had yet not activated and he took out Harmony with little difficulty. Scalpel took out marbles and scored a goal.

Flint held on to the ball, but with Cosset coming back on to the pitch near fast ground, and Scalpel on the other side meant he couldn’t really hide it anywhere. Scalpel used Voodoo Strings to pull the boy toy in, push dodging him around half the pitch, getting a couple of tackles and then a goal, giving me a 12-10 loss.


Scalpel is a real issue for us, she out threats most of us and she can run away after. I found engaging them difficult as the front line had Ghast with Cosset and Dirge behind waiting for an opening. With Minx and Scalpel he didn’t care much about Brick, and Marbles died trivially.

Game three

Third match was against the worst guild in the game, The Masons! Having lost a game I wanted to give Granite a spin, so I took Granite, Brick, Harmony and Flint. My opponent used Evil Hammer, with Evil Wrecker, Evil Mallet, Evil Tower, Mist and Evil Flint.

I kicked with Granite, giving her a full stack of influence. Flint and Honour got the rest, ready for a counter goal or tackle if needed. Hammer barreled into Flint before Honour and Granite had activated, meaning Granite and Honour could start with beating up the Superstar. After taking him out, the scrum started. He was able to score an early turn 2 Mist goal. Flint grabbed the ball and hid it from Evil Flint, as a counter scorer would just put me on the back foot. Granite was able to knock down Mist and proceed to start beating him up, with Honour later in the turn to finish him off. The fight ground on, with Flint messing up and escape from Evil Tower, dropping the ball, allowing another Evil goal. The ball was kicked out and Honour scored the winning goal.


Bloody masons! Interesting match up, Flint vs Evil Flint means you really don’t want to score too early unless you can tie/beat him up. Granite is very handy in a scrum and Sturdy would help against Mallet / Brick counter charges. I think Honour has the advantage against Hammer, she took him out twice in this match, she out threats him (normally) and a 3/1 defensive stat line model is a victim against Honour’s playbook.

Game four

Fourth game was against Tapper Brewers. My opponent delayed picking his captain until the end draft, and I was very concerned about Esters being used as multiple Blasted Earths give me The Fear. I used Brick, Granite, Flint, Harmony. I was reticent to use Harmony, as Brewers have enough ranged effects to really hurt her early game, but the pull of Linked is a strong one, and I decided to use positioning and actual tactics to try and keep her alive on the wing. My opponent used Scum, Stoker, Friday and Spigot.

I received the ball and messed around with the ball, whilst my opponent used Spigot with Tooled Up on Stoker to set Granite on fire with a Flame Jet, followed by a Dirty Knives as well. Flint scored a goal, using Knee Slider to be in the middle of the Brewers scrum. As the Brewers were close together any ball placement would put the ball relatively close to Flint again, who scored at the beginning of turn 2 with a charge tackle / Where’d They Go? followed by a Tap In goal shot. The ball was kicked out again wide, to Scum who collected it and ran. Honour was able to get to the cat, tackle and then double dodge to pass to Flint, who scored a snap shot for the win.

Brain stuff

Flint looooves the enemy team being in a huddle when the ball is kicked out, as ball retrieval is relatively easy, and it gives him the momentous tackle for a goal early turn 2. Granite took a lot of damage early on from Flame Jet and Dirty Knives, and the poison and fire after. She would be good against the Brewers scrum later on, but if she takes that much damage on the way in she has to be careful or heal early otherwise she will be taken out very quickly.


A great day, with four great opponents. Thanks to all, Andy for running it. I hope to see you all soon at another one 🙂


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