Taking Union to Vengeance

Holy Union Batman!
So Vengeance. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy (the Battlehammer) along side a room full of awesome people and beer!
I arrived in Stockport on a mission. Steamforged announced a few days before that there would be a painting competition for the early release of Grace and Benediction. I was all over that like a fat kid on cake and pestered Jay to sell me them in the early afternoon. 4 hours and 5 beers later they were complete and I promised myself to play them every game to reward the hard work…. more on that later…
My squad of players was as follows








Harry the Hat

Game 1 – Martin Rockerfella (Brewers)

Line up





A cracking first game against a lovely bloke called Martin (strong name). He was playing Brewers and with the couple of games I’d played so far with sBrisket I knew that these chaps were one of the better match ups for my speedy team.
I received and collected with Mist into Greede and quickly went 4-0 up with the auto goal that is the 4 inf A&G shot. This quickly followed up with a sBrisket legendary goal early turn 2 with the winning goal also from the Butcher, I mean Union captain.. a snapshot from a Grace pass. 
Martins points came from the Greede TO if I recall but I was able to be aggressive enough to get those early points on the board. I am convinced if the match had gone for much longer then Tapper would have got his fun on.. Martin also missed a Friday goal which is always a kick in the balls.
Benediction was brilliant for protecting one side of the pitch, where Grace and sBrisket were getting their goals on.
Final score 12-2 (Win)
A good strong start to Vengeance but a huge delay with Tiebreak failure resulted in cider calling me… it calls and it’s hard to resist!
Game 2 – Jason Fox (Union)

Same line up for me.
Again, another fun game, this time a sBrisket mirror match against Jase! Exactly the same teams apart from for my Grace he ran with Harry. Another 2″ melee was a strong pick and gave his team a more combined arms feel. This turned out to be the case with some quick goals either side and his winning goal coming from Mist bouncing off Strongbox and popping it in.. Jase did well to win the momentum race each turn. Farming a few of my players at key points.
I really good game and experimenting with a few different things. Grace missing a goal was a pain but 2 dice kick is always a risk.
Final score 8-12 (Loss)
Game 3 – Daniel Knauss (Masons)

I decided to drop Grace for Decimate for this game. I thought her Anatomical Precision may come in useful, as it turns out I shouldn’t have bothered. 
Daniel ran a mixed team with Hammer as captain.
So.. no excuses.. but talk about brain fart! I have played Andrew’s Mason team more than any other so forgetting Counter Charge is unforgivable.. but I did. Kicked off with Mist, first activation I positioned to charge him in and take the ball.. placed the model and WHAM! DOUBLE COUNTER CHARGE TO THE FACE.. Not normally one for gotchas but a tournament is a tournament so all is fair. I tried to rescue it with Brace for Impact on the Marbles charge, but should have saved it for Brick.. my chin went to my chest and I’d lost the game. The addition of Flint hiding in the corner with the ball was also upsetting but Daniel did well.. my good pal Dan sat with me, bought me another cider and I waited for the end. I managed one take out. He ran around smashing me up and won with 6 take outs.
I didn’t enjoy that game, silly mistakes made me sad.
Final Score 2-12 (Loss)
Game 4 – Adam Tudor (Union)

So Blackheart is still amazing.
For the final game of the day I thought hitting things may be what I needed to cheer me up. 
My line up was





A pretty decent fighting team (so I thought) and I kicked to Adam. We went back and forth with our set up.. Molotov etc etc with me stacking up vRage for his turn, Adam prepping Blackheart (with Stand Firm) for his big turn. 
Adam misplayed his Molotov AOE which blocked Blackhearts route to goal. Me being the nice guy I am, I allowed him to move it as he intended to have the gap. All fairs fair… but it bit me in the backside as BH went on to wreck face. vRage was neutered and I got a snap back goal with Gutter but Adam scored 3 goals with Mist getting the winner.
Stand firm on Blackheart was key as it stopped my potential knock downs and we kno he can counter attack and get out of danger. 
Final score 4-12 (loss)
I was happy to see the back of day one having only achieved 1 win and 3 losses, but enjoyed the evening of the Q&A, cider and chats with the chaps! 
Day 2

Game 5 – Paul Preston (Hunters)

Ah T&G Paul! We had been chatting online for a couple of months before the event to try and set something up between Singled Out and T&G.. although we hadn’t managed to sort anything it was great to finally meet him and what an ace bloke he is. 
I went back to my early day 1 line up to play pure football and I was looking forward to seeing Skatha on the table for the first time. 
I received and got the A&G goal turn one. With the threat of Jaecar looming I moved sBrisket at the end of the turn to retrieve the ball ready for turn 2. Some fun ‘I’m Open!’ Play with Mist allowed me to get a first activation goal by passing for the mom, I’m open for the dodge then sprint n shot. 
Paul scored a snap back goal with Skatha. Was great to see where she could get to with throwing snowballs around the place and putting out fast ground.. I scored a snap shot with sBrisket with a bonus time pass from Grace, who although was snared used Quick Foot and the ice rink to get to where she needed to be. 
Paul was a gem and we had a good hour to chat after the game. Looking forward to filming or podcasting with him and Tom soon.
Result 12-4 (Win)
Game 6 – Dan Garnett (Engineers)

Ha ha ha Dan. What a silly sausage he is. We had a awesome game and a good giggle.. for me this and my previous game is what it’s all about. Fun! 
My first Engineers of the tournament I was a bit worried about all the knock downs from Balista and rough ground to slow me down.. 
Dan kicked to me and I recovered the ball and scored the YAWN A&G goal. Dan hates Greede and focussed a lot of influence to try and kill the wee man. Meanwhile I’d managed to get another sBrisket goal and lost Greede to go up 8-2. We danced around for a bit, unfortunately Dans clock was close to timing out so I got up to 11 VP through that. He tried to kill the ball but Mist retrieved it and kicked it northwards! The scatter looked to prolong the game but when Harry launched into Brisket I was able to milk him for ‘With Aplomb’ got some momentum and a dodge into base to base with the goal and finish with a bonus timed 4 dice tap in! Some say overkill. Probably right…
Result 16 😘 – 2 (win)
Final game 7 – James Kingwell (Engineers)

We had a 14 activation game. James kicked with Pinvice.. I thought my pass to Greede was safe but PV is nuts and was able to extend her threat, tackle, dodge and shoot the first goal. I responded with A&G scoring next activation. He counter scored. I counter scored his counter score….
Turn 2. I win the roll off.. seems an easy goal.. Grace fully loaded charges Hoist needing two hits for the tackle dodge. Gets 1 and James counter attacked with all the dice coming up for the push dodge. Sad face.. he runs off next activation and pops it in. 
Could have gone either way as neither of us were playing safe and wanted a speedy game. Was a great game and enjoyed meeting James too!
Result 8-12 (loss)
Final record won 3 and lost 4. Placed 66th…
The second day was brilliant. Managed to explore the scoring game and try some janky moves with sBrisket and her pals. Looking forward to using them more until some new teams arrive. 
The new Blacksmith guild that was teased in the Q&A look fantastic models. And although only partly shown some of the stats and cards are looking fun. 
Thanks to Jay and the guys for a wicked weekend. My liver is still in recovery! And thanks to all my opponents, even you Mr Double Countercharge Face!
Personal achievement of the weekend was winning the Steamforged Grace and Benediction painting competition! I am still over the moon! 


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