Battle Report

Taking Morticians to Vengeance

And now for Jason’s write up of Vengeance…

The biggest Guild Ball event in the world and I am Obviously taking union, right? Wrong…. With about 15 minutes to go before the first round started I decided to throw it all out of the window and go with Morticians! There were a few reasons behind this last minute change of plan…

  1. With 15 minutes to go there were 21 Union players signed up and I kind of didn’t want to go in with the crowd.
  2. If I took Union I’d want to play hard and challenge for best in guild and to be honest I just didn’t want to play at that level of competitiveness over the 7 games. The weekend for me was about catching up with people and just having the crack.
  3. With the exception of 1 game a week ago I haven’t played the Morticians since Steamcon and keep looking at Ghast with loving eyes.
  4. With the Engineers being so heavily represented I felt that Close Control would be a pain to deal with, and you know what… Obby cares not for fancy foot work.
  5. I have never really used Obulous as in season 2 I almost exclusively used Scalpel.

Other than the Obulous issue of having almost 0 table time with Morticians recently, I had the pressure of rushing my 10 player list. Therefore I quickly threw out the following selection

  • Obulous
  • Scalpel
  • Dirge
  • Cosset
  • Bonesaw
  • Graves
  • Ghast
  • Brainpan
  • Casket
  • Avarice

After I have gone over the matches I will chat a bit about any changes I would make to this selection and why. It’s fair to say there are a couple of changes that I would have made if I had more time before the event.

Round 1

Vs Matt Price (Masons) 6-12 loss

Obulous, Dirge, Graves, Ghast, Cosset and Avarice

Honour, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Harmony, Mist

Can’t remember who won the dice off but I Kicked off with Obby. This would pretty much be my go to tactic for turn 1 though out the 7 games. By kicking with Obby it allows me to threaten so much of the pitch with Puppet master and crucially gives me last activation of turn 1 to do some damage. Also, it is entertaining watching your opponent jump through hoops trying to keep the ball out of the Ferryman’s cold hands.

To be honest my game plan turn 1 was never to get the ball. What I attempted to do each game and managed in this one, is to setup the bonkers Cosset last activation kill box charge. I managed it in this game against Matt’s Mist who he retrieved the ball with but left up the field. What this then allowed me to do was to confidence a Puppet master attempt, then Jog him forward to be engaged by the bird and Graves. Obby then goes over and again uses confidence to attack and knock the model down before a tooled-up cosset goes in and just vaporises the target. I had to pull her punches so that Mist didn’t die to the charge and I’d waste 2 influence.

I found that this tactic worked pretty well over the 7 games as it generally gave me the momentum to win the initiative and then keep the momentum going. Anyway, back to the game… Matt played it really well and got a goal with Mist and Honour and took out Greed and Cosset for his VP. My 6 all came from take outs on Mist, Honour and Flint.

Although the game was 12-6 to Mat it felt closer as he had Honour and Mist left on 1hp and a bleeding Flint on 4hp (1 at the start of the next turn). I just couldn’t get that kill over the line that would of swung it back my way. Also, I made the wrong decision to charge Cosset into Honour and Mist instead of the easy kill of Flint, I’d hoped to get them both but just came up short. An interesting lesson learned in this game was that Masons have access to a surprising number of dodges they can pay for and therefore get around Obby’s unpredictable movement, in future I think Scalpel would definitely be my go to choice vs Masons.

Overall a really good game to start the event with if not the result I would of liked.

Round 2

Vs Anna Morley (Butchers) 12-10 win

Obulous, Dirge, Graves, Cosset, Bonesaw, Ghast

Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Veteran Ox, Meathook, Minx

Anna threw a spanner in my plans straight off… she won the dice off and chose to kick!! What is this craziness?? I expected to see the Def 6, tooled up Fillet classic kick off. But Anna took a different and I thought interesting approach, she used Veteran Ox. Which allowed her to setup an element of pressure on Obby with his 2” melee.

Turn 1 played out and I Anna dropped Swift stance and Quick foot on Veteran Ox to really make him a problem. I managed to get a play I’d been thinking of for a while which is the Puppet master Bonesaw turn 1 Goal, with the lovely Knee slider to get him back. I also managed to get one of my favourite Obby jank goals of the weekend. I used UM to dodge out and get the ball just outside of my deployment, then Obby activated and used Shadow like and a charge (dodge) on Minx to get that bit further up the pitch and then Puppet master himself into an attempt on Goal.. Boom! Love me some Obby Janky goal fun.

I closed out the game when Anna scored to make it 8-10 to her, the ball was then kicked to the centre spot. I used Bonesaw to attack a crowded-out Minx (who I had jumped over with Sift wind in the previous turn) to generate a point of momentum and dodge out of engagement, he then sprinted to collect the ball, Meditate and bang in the winner 12-10.

This is the first time I have ever won a game with 3 goals and so I was pretty happy with that outcome. It wasn’t my game plan from the start but the opportunity appeared so I went for it.


Round 3

Vs Tom Panah (Butchers) 12-5 win

Obulous, Dirge, Graves, Cosset, Ghast, Brainpan

Fillet, Piggy, Vet Brisket, Veteran Ox, Shank, Minx

I  kicked off. Managed to Puppet Master Fillet into the Cosset death box turn 1, but I did make the mistake of taking her out so she could get right back into the game turn 2. This game highlighted that sometimes trying to win the momentum race can just turn out fruitless. I think I went into turn 2 on +3 and turn 3 on +4 and lost both dice roll offs!

Tom got his points from a Minx goal and venting frustration on the bird and killing it. I remember getting 2 Fillet takeout’s and an Obby goal using the pig to bounce off. But I really can’t remember where the other 4vp came from, I think it was 2 more takeout’s. it was the second time of using Brainpan and it showed, you definitely need to have a plan with what you are looking for from this pair. Although Memory is handy for tying Vox for a turn or so and preventing him from charging into my team.

Really enjoyable game and Tom was a gentleman in defeat and brought me a beer.

Round 4

Vs Chris Smith (Engineers) 12-11 Win

Obby, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Bonesaw, Cosset

Pin ice, Mother, Locus, Velocity, Colossus

Bonesaw did a great job of not dying on my right-hand side of the pitch, Pin Vice and Colossus spent a fair amount of influence in actually taking him out. Partly due to him being parked in cover and also, I just spent his activations heeling him up so that he kept that pair tied up. Also, I believe I got Hoist (or possibly Locus) into the Cosset death box at the end of turn 1 and she just vaporised the victim. It may have been this game where Obby missed a 2 dice tap in shot.

It was an ace game to finish a very fun day on and Red October completed the perfect submarine on day 1!

Round 5

Vs John Layfield (Engineers) 6-12 loss

Obby, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Bonesaw, Cosset

Pin Vice, Mother, Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet, Compound

I knew after how day 1 finished I would probably get a tough match-up at the start of day 2 and John has a reputation as being a pretty handy player. After a late night and lacking a little motivation I thought this game was going to be really tough and at one point I did worry that John was going to wipe the floor with me.

He started off turn1 with the Ratchet, Hoist, Pinvice tooled up + Deletion ranged attack on Bonesaw, who managed to see out the turn and hold up the RHS for me. I moved my team to the other side of the pitch where his softer targets where but then made the mistake of getting a plan in my head for the next turn and completely forgetting about re-animate on Velocity… DOH!

Dirge was really handy for keeping Compound locked down and denying the free counter charge, Velocity went down and Obby got me a goal which pulled the game back to 6-8. The turning point came when I got the ball off Hoist with Bonesaw (who’d just come back on), I then passed the ball up field to Ghast.

John put up Nimble on Velocity and then declared the charge on Ghast. When I pointed out that Ghast had Fear and it would cost Velocity all of her remaining influence to charge John asked if he could take back Nimble. I allowed him to do this as I’m really not a fan of gotcha moments in the game. In hindsight, perhaps I shouldn’t have as it would have left Velocity with the ball and all my team excluding Bonesaw around her. Then I could have used puppet Master to get the ball when I wanted it. But hay ho I don’t like to play that way.

Round 6

Vs James Esland (Butchers…again!!) 12-6 Win

Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Bonesaw, Cosset

Fillet, Truffles, Veteran Ox, OG Brisket, Meathook, Harry

O man was I really not up for playing Fillet again! A 7-round event and almost half my games where against the same captain, who I regularly play against… Uggh! As usual Obby kicked off, but James played an interesting game in that he collected the ball and passed to Fillet who then dodged back towards her goal. Harry advanced up to control the middle and some other bits happened. significantly James managed to engage Obby by using a dodge off the pass to engage with Fillet.

However, at this point she only had 4 influence left on her, so although she did get some work done on him it wasn’t enough to take the Ferryman out. This allowed Cosset to charge in and leave Fillet in a bad state, but crucially I deliberately didn’t take her out. Start of turn 2 Obby done his thing: finished off Fillet then went and engaged the pig who was holding the ball, got that, dodged off and slotted home for a 6-0 lead. James played the game well and kept the pressure on me throughout and I thought the game had turned for him when I stood up Ghast using momentum and attacked Vox, only for him to flap limply and fail the KD Vox countered and KD Ghast which really messed my momentum up.

However, at the start of the following turn the game was close but Fillet had come on and engaged the bird and Bonesaw had gone to support. I took a gamble with Obby and went in and just managed to take her out for a second time! I believe Harry also got taken out and then the cinematic finish came when Meathook (after a Ghast beatdown) attacked Graves to try get Momentum to heal, then with the counter I got a dice spike (although she only had 2hp) and triggered Scything blow to take her head off!

It’s worth mentioning James won a prize for having the best converted team. The work he has done on his models is just amazing.

Round 7

Vs Alexander Horn (Fishermen) 8-12 Loss

Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Bonesaw, Cosset

Shark, Tentacles, Siren, The Hag, Greyscales, Sakana

This would be the second time in the 7 games I received from the kick off and again it was my opponent who chose to kick. Alexander played it aggressive with Shark down the middle and kicked it slightly off to my left. I made the decision that I could either spend all of the first turn trying to stop Shark from getting the ball or alternatively accept he would score and use it to my advantage. Therefore, I collected the ball and played it right into the middle of my team and to Obby, who then dodged back 4”.

I knew Alexander didn’t have knee slider as I’d been dealt it and therefore knew that Shark wouldn’t be able to disappear off into the distance. Alexander then went in with Shark and got the ball and the goal then he dodged Shark into a bit of nearby cover. This was pretty much exactly what I was hoping would happen as it then allows me to get Ghast in and KD Shark followed by Dirge and then Cosset Leaving Shark on 2HP. Obby danced around and generated a stack of momentum to guarantee me the first activation turn 2.

Start of turn 2 Cosset took Shark out and then barrelled into Siren and almost took her out as well! 1 bloody HP! The turn played out and Alexander got Siren away and heeled up. However, through a bit of misplay or maybe he hadn’t spotted it, but there was an opening for an Obby 6vp activation. Graves Tooled him up and passed the ball so the ferryman could dodge forward and then engage Greyscales who he then took out and got the goal. Cosset was exposed and got taken out through crowd outs.

The game was then at 8-6 to me and Obby went to do his thing turn 3. Using Shadow like and a sprint he got back to Puppet Master range of Shark, who then passed the ball to Obby, who then used the pass to dodge back into range of the goal. I had a point of momentum for going second and so I used Rigor mortis to steel Alexander’s Momentum to allow the bonus time…. And I missed!

From here things went a little south for me. Siren went into a damaged and Crowded out Bonesaw hitting him she got a wrap and triggered Seduced which she used to make Ghast hit Bonesaw, who then also got a wrap!! Killing off the striker and bringing the game back to 8-8. The Hag finished the turn with the ball and advanced to the halfway line. Then we had a straight dice off for the initiative and we both rolled a 3, then we roll again I get a 5!… but Alexander gets a 6!! Damn you dice gods.

The Hag then advances up the pitch hits Graves and gets the momentous dodge and a tap in shot to close it out 12-8 to Alexander.

A really enjoyable tactical game and playing against Siren is an absolute pain, she really is a mini Obulus. I reckon this was probably my favourite game of the weekend just because of the level of planning and thinking I had to put in to try and work around all the threat ranges and tricks that Alexander had available. Although I was a little Sad panda at not being able to complete the perfect Submarine on day 2!



So, what did I learn about the Morticians and what would I change if I could start again?

With regards to team selection I would drop Avarice in favour of Mist. One of the issues I found with the team is that it’s actually pretty slow, certainly with regards to the Guild options. Outside of Scalpel, Cosset and Bonesaw all the other guys are pretty much a max move of 7” and there were a few occasions when this was a big limitation. Also Mist gives you the potential to have 4 models with 2” melee on the pitch. I think Bonesaw is really strong when you receive with an Obby led team, but in other situations I didn’t get enough out of him.

As much as I loved Casket in season 2 I think I would possibly drop him for Vet Graves, although perhaps Brainpan instead just as I didn’t have a plan with him. Either way I think that Vet Graves actually offers some pretty tools for certain match-ups. Tooled up from OG Graves is really strong along with that tackle on column 1 of his playbook is really handy. But what Vet Graves offers is a pretty good place to keep the ball against low tac teams such as Smoke, Engineers and Morticians.


And just one more thing…

What an awesome weekend Vengeance was I just had an absolute blast and hope the same will happen in 2018! A big thank you and shout out to all my opponents, Jay for organising the event, Steam Forge for supporting the event and putting on the keynote, dominos for delivering pizza and everyone who came over and said hello.



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