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Episodes of Singled Out – Bonus Time

Episode 1 – Three Go Mad In Birmingham – We go to the Bravo One Blitz – a tournament in Birmingham run by The Heroic Play. We discuss our games in depth, and how we have found our guild matchups.

Episode 2 – Make Ox Great Again – Andrew and Martin talk about Ox, and how he could possibly be used in a Butchers team.

Episode 3 – All Spigot, All The Time – Andrew and Dan talk about some recent games, and Dan discusses how he is finding using some lesser used Brewers players.

Episode 4 – Vice Vice Baby – Andrew and Martin discuss their recent game with Pin Vice versus Ox, Andrew finds out that she is harder to use than his crutch of Honour, and Martin rekindles his love for the Butchers captain.

Episode 5 – A Black Heart is A Good heart –  In this episode Jason finally gets to talk without Andrew constantly interrupting him, as he plays a game with his favorite captain. Blackheart, against Captain Fillet and the Butchers

Episode 6 – Midas And His Secret Tech – In this episode Andrew, Dan and Jay go to Leicester. They try their hand with a local tournament there, and discuss their guilds, including how to play the lesser- known guilds, such as Midas and his Alchemists.

Episode 7 – The Oxecutioner Is Back! – In this Episode Andrew and Jason discuss the recent Singled out tournament, and How Jason found Captain Ox.

Episode 8 – Same 6, Different Day –  In this episode Andrew talks to Jason about a recent tournament, in which he took Pin Vice, and how he found using Locus, a model he rarely uses.

Episode 9 – All Aboard The Blackheart Train – In this episode Andrew talks to Jason about how he won a recent tournament with Blackheart, who he used in his tournament, and his thought on the state of the Union.
Episode 10 – Forest Rambo And His Merry Men – In this episode Andrew and Jason talk about his recent experience with the Hunters guild, as well as his tournament 10, and his most used 6 players.
Episode 11 – Mason Cage Ball Team X-Treme  – In this episode Andrew and Jason talk about Cage Ball, their escalation leagues, and the new blacksmiths releases.
Episode 12 – The Nuneaton Shark Tank – In this episode Andrew, Jason and their super secret mystery guest go to the heroic Throw down 32 man tournament, and try their luck in the shark tank.
Episode 13 – The Jason Mountain Comedy Hour – In this episode Jason finally manages to get a word in, as he goes to a team tournament with other people, and uses Union, to the shock and surprise of no one.
Episode 14 – Mason Mash Up – In this episode Andrew talks about masons for approximately 20 years.
Episode 15 – Jason’s Wedding – In this episode Jason goes to Cambridge with some secret Guild Ball tech, and takes the world by storm.
Episode 16 – Threshocalypse Now – In this episode Jason and Andrew talk about Thresher, and how you can play against him.
Episode 17 – Corsair’s Ghost Fleet – In this episode Andrew talks about Morticians, and Jason talks about Fishermen. I know, I’m surprised as well.
Episode 19 – Fourteen Reasons To Hate Fishermen – In this episode Andrew and Jason went to a local tournament, and Andrew started to question his life choices.
Episode 20 – The Joy Of Painting – In this episode Andrew and Jason talk about painting, and how they choose the colours they do for their models.
Episode 21 – Talk Talk Quality Content – In this episode Jason goes to Jumper for Goalposts 5, a local guild ball tournament. He discussed the matches he played, and why he loves Union so very, very much.
Episode 22 – Back To Square 1 – Andrew and Jason decide to break tradition and discuss the Masons and Union, as well as Vengeance, and the WTC
Episode 23 – The Inevitable World Cup Episode – Andrew and Jason discuss the Guild Ball World Cup, and how the different national teams play
Episode 24 – The British Nationals Preparation Spectacular! – Andrew and Jason discuss their extensive British Nationals preparation, and what guilds they are taking.
Episode 25 – Two Go Slightly Daft In Manchester – Andrew and Dan go to the British Nationals and talk about their attempts at mediocrity.
Episode 26 – South East Masters Total Coverage – Jason Mountain goes to the South East masters, where he reports on his games and explains how much he loves playing the Fishermen.
Episode 27 – Next Level Live WTC Content – Andrew and Jason went to play in the Poland WTC, where they met some colonials, played Guild Ball, and had a jolly good time.
Episode 28 – All Aboard the Brewtrain – We discuss season 4 Brewers. Pretty obvious from the title, right?
Episode 29 – Scalpel and Entertainers Guild Quality Content – Andrew goes to London to play season 4 Scalpel, then talks to Sherwin about steamcon US and the Entertainer’s guild.
Episode 30 – Steamcon 2018 Total Live Coverage – Andrew and Dan go to Steamcon 2018, and play Guild Ball and stuff.
Episode 31 – Stave & Sidetracks – Discussion about playing goal-heavy Morticians, and some ‘secret’ ‘tech’ for Stave.
Episode 32 – The Definitive Guild Ball Tier Lists of Power – Andrew and David Cameron (yes, THAT one) discuss the definitive Guild Ball tier lists, once and for all.
Episode 33 – I’m A Nerd, Get Me Out Of Here!   – In this episode Andrew, David and Dom talk about how to get your hobby keen back.
Episode 35 – Some Miner Points – Inevitable Miner’s Guild chat with Bryce.
Episode 36 – Steamforged Podcast Invasion – All of the Steamforged development team (well, most of them) discuss the new captains.
Episode 37 – Nerf This Podcast – Discussion of the new captains, the Miner’s, and the WTC.
Episode 38 – Season 4 Captacular – Discussion of the new captains, and how season 4 is developing.
Episode 41- King Of The North – Discussion with Fraser McFetridge about how he won the scottish nationals
Episode 42 – The Inevitable Butchers Buff –  Andrew talks to Steve Cole about alchemists, the season 4 meta, and how Veteran Boar needs a buff to stay competitive.
Episode 43 – Farmer Bryce – Andrew gives advice to Bryce about how he can play Farmers better.
Episode 44 – Frequently Asked Bryce – Andrew asks Bryce questions, sent in by Patreon listeners.
Episode 46 – Curkov Climate Change Denier